All Confirmed Villains for Spider-Man 2 So Far


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Find out about all the confirmed villains for Spider-Man 2 that have been released so far!

All Confirmed Villains for Spider-Man 2 So Far

It’s been five years since the release of Insomniac’s Spider-Man game. Many fans have patiently waited for the sequel featuring Peter Parker and Miles Morales as playable Spider-Men.

Of course, the games are only as good as their villains. Spider-Man 2 is promising quite the roster of villains for Peter and Miles to take on. While some will be taking the main spotlight, some heroes are also considered to be on the B-tier roster.

Still of Kraven the Hunter in Spider-Man 2

Kraven the Hunter

Since the first teaser of Spider-Man 2, Kraven has been touted as one of the game’s main villains. In the comics, Kraven fancies himself as the World’s Greatest Hunter. After he’s taken out all kinds of fierce creatures, he’s decided that Spider-Man is one of the most elusive he has to take out.

Though Kraven’s schtick was cartoonish in the comics, writers have found ways to make him more formidable, even having him kill Spider-Man and take his place at one point.

So far, the game has introduced Kraven as having some armed force that helps him on his hunt. They’ll move on to New York City to look for Spider-Man and other supervillains running around the town.

While players expect a major showdown with Kraven, the Spider-Men must take out multiple groups of his armed forces. Players shouldn’t forget that Kraven also has his eyes set on Venom besides Spider-Man. So the Spiders better watch out for being caught in their crossfire.

The Lizard makes his debut in poster for Spider-Man 2

The Lizard

Though some villains are revered for their tactical genius, some make their mark by being unstoppable forces for nature. Dr. Curt Connors was one of Peter Parker’s mentors (not unlike Dr. Octavius in the first game). However, after some experiment gone awry, he transforms into a giant rampaging lizard.

While Kraven and his hunters will pursue the Lizard to kill it, Peter and Miles will likely want to get to the Lizard first to try and help him; after all, he is just an experiment gone wrong. It’s also worth noting that Connors can help a sick Harry Osborn. It is revealed he is in some kind of stasis in the first game.

It’s unclear if Insomniac plans to change Lizard’s origin in their timeline. Still, it does seem he’s more a neutral villain than the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man, who wanted to turn everyone into lizard people.

Peter and Miles take on Venom in cinematic for Spider-Man 2


Probably the biggest villain of the game, Venom has been a longtime nemesis of Spider-Man from the comics. He was born out of an alien symbiote attaching itself to a host (infamously Eddie Brock) after bonding with Peter Parker first—giving him the iconic black suit.

Previews for the game have confirmed that the suit will attach itself to Peter at some point. This will grant him all kinds of symbiote powers. We also see that the Lizard’s roars affect the symbiote because it has a weakness in sound, but it’s unclear who will be the main host of this game’s version of Venom.

Since Insomniac continuity likes to shake things up from the comics canon, many fans have been guessing that Harry Osborn will be the host of this game’s Venom compared to Eddie Brock. After all, when Harry is revealed in the first game, it already looks like he’s infected with the symbiote.

Then again, it’s possible that Venom could be someone else completely. There is still plenty of room for Eddie Brock to be present in the game. Kraven might become a host since he had famously dressed up as the black Spider-Man in the comics.

Still of Martin Li a.k.a. Mr. Negative from Spider-Man 2.

Mr. Negative

Martin Li (dubbed Mr. Negative by the Daily Bugle) founded the homeless shelter F.E.A.S.T., where May Parker had worked. Secretly, though, Li was also running a gang called the Inner Demons, and he could harness negative energy and use it against his opponents.

Negative was one of the secondary antagonists in the first game, and he had a personal vendetta against Mayor Norman Osborn. During one of Osborn’s re-election rallies, Negative had one of his suicide bombers attack the event, resulting in the death of Jefferson Davis, the father of Miles Morales.

Lee is imprisoned but freed again by Doctor Octopus, making him a part of the Sinister Six during the final acts of the first game. Though his whereabouts were unknown, it was mentioned in Spider-Man: Miles Morales that he was caught again. He’ll still be incarcerated when we get to Spider-Man 2.

No doubt, Miles will have major beef with Negative, seeing that he was the one responsible for the death of Miles’ father. Knowing Spider-Man stories, though, it’s very likely Miles’ arc will have him letting his anger out on Li but eventually letting him go to stay in prison.

But of course, a redemption arc is still very possible for comic book villains, no matter what.

Still of Norman Osborn a.k.a. the Green Goblin from Marvel's Spider-Man.

Norman Osborn

Fans know that Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin is like the Joker to Spider-Man’s Batman, and the game has introduced him as this politician who has more things cooking under the table.

Though players haven’t seen Norman do anything villainous outright, the seeds have all been planted in the first game for him to snap completely. Thus, players expect everything to come full circle in Spider-Man 3.

With the focus on Kraven and Venom with Spider-Man 2, Norman will be behind the scenes again, pulling strings. The public is likely going to see Venom causing all kinds of havoc. When it comes out that OsCorp has been behind the symbiote, Norman may have to resort to drastic measures to keep everything from crumbling underneath him.

That being said, Norman is considered the archnemesis of Spider-Man, who has caused him the most pain in the comics. He deserves to be the main villain of a new game rather than try to hog the spotlight with three other iconic villains.

A screenshot of Kraven's tablet from Spider-Man 2 teasing the possible returning villains.

B-Tier Villains for Spider-Man 2

Insomniac has ensured players know who the game’s major villains will be. However, besides random thugs and henchmen, there are also those other B-tier villains.

Though not everyone is expected to play a major part, these characters may show up in one way or another:

Black Cat

Felicia Hardy is a master thief who likes to toe the line between hero and villain. This essentially makes her Marvel’s version of Catwoman. She appeared in the DLC Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps and could appear in the upcoming sequel.


Aaron Davis is Miles Morales’ uncle who was a secondary antagonist in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Though the two have parted ways, it’s possible for Prowler to still make an appearance in Spider-Man 2, especially with Kraven on the hunt for special individuals like him.

Possible look at Wraith a.k.a. Yuri Watanabe in Spider-Man 2.


Yuri Watanabe starts the story as Spider-Man’s friend, serving as a captain for the NYPD. In the DLC City that Never Sleeps, Yuri goes on a personal vendetta against Hammerhead, who has killed many of her men. Frustrated at Spider-Man for being unable to help her soon enough, Watanabe takes things into her own hands and starts killing Hammerhead’s men. Peter and Miles have to look out for her and bring her in.


Tombstone is more of a thug in the Insomniac continuity. Players spend time trying to sneak around him as Mary Jane. He’s incarcerated by the time of Miles Morales. However, it’s possible he could be back to his old devices by the time of Spider-Man 2.


With the power to create shockwaves with specialized gauntlets, Shocker was a minor villain in the first Spider-Man. It is possible he could be brought in again to try and cause some more mayhem in NYC.


The Taskmaster has the special ability to copy every fighting style he sees and has a small role in the first game, fighting against Spider-Man.

Kraven’s introduction also teased many villains in the first game, including Electro, Doctor Octopus, and the Vulture. Still, it’s possible that they would want to focus on a new roster of adversaries for the sequel.

Then again, there is always room for new faces come the DLC expansion—which is yet to be announced.

Watch for Spider-Man 2 when it launches for the PS5 on Oct. 20.

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