How to Craft Bait for Fishing in Genshin Impact



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Genshin Impact added a fishing minigame in its 2.1 update allowing you to get rewards and unique items by trading certain fish you find in the world’s lakes, rivers, coasts, and ponds.

How to Craft Bait for Fishing in Genshin Impact
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In each region, you can trade items with one local fishing expert known as the Angler.

All Anglers
Fishing Association Senior fisher people

Different bait types in Genshin Impact attract different fish species. After you complete the quest “Exploding Population” and unlock fishing, you will be given a small amount of every bait type and a recipe to craft the Fruit Paste Bait.

Bait Recipes

However, you can only learn to craft all four kinds of bait by getting the recipes from Nantuck, the Mondstadt Angler. You can get the remaining three recipes in exchange for nine Medakas.

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Genshin Impact Fishing Baits

You need to craft and bring four types of bait when fishing.

1.       Fruit Paste

This bait is made from mashing, fermenting, and kneading Sunsettias and Wheat.

bait1 craft FINAL 1

2.       Redrot

Mixing Dendrobium and mashed meat will give you Redrot bait.

bait2 craft FINAL

3.       False Worm

This bait is an artificial worm you can make out of condensate.

bait3 craft FINAL

4.       Fake Fly

Produce the Fake Fly bait from vibrantly colored materials to attract large fish with sharp vision.

bait4 craft FINAL

Fish Types and Baits that Attract Them

As noted above, each fish species will only respond to a specific type of bait.

  • Medaka, Glaze Medaka, Sweet-Flower Medaka, Aizen Medaka, Dawncatcher, and Crystalfish are only attracted to Fruit Paste bait.
Medaka Types
  • Lunged Stickleback, Betta, Venomspine Fish, and Akai Maou will only bite the Redrot bait.
Pointy Types
  • You should stick to False Worm baits for Shirakodai or Angelfish.
  • You use Fake Fly to catch all varieties of Pufferfish and Koi.
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