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Monster Hunter Rise encourages players to hunt and capture monsters using the most awesome and intricately designed weapons. One such weapon in Monster Hunter Rise is the terrifying Squawkscythe. Like most top-tier weapons, obtaining materials to acquire this weapon is difficult. If you struggle to find the materials needed to craft the Squawkscythe, read on, and we’ll help you.

How to Craft the Squawkscythe in Monster Hunter Rise

The Squawkscythe is a Dragon-element Longsword that looks nothing like a sword. It more closely resembles a scythe than anything. The weapon inscription reads, “A haunting longsword that delivers a message of death across the land.”. The big moving pupil in the weapon is considerably creepy, and hitting monsters with it is a true delight.


Squawkscythe Crafting Materials

The creepy longsword core materials aren’t that many. It consists of only three crafting items in addition to 22000z. Crafting the Squawkscythe only requires one (1) Rathalos Ruby, two (2) Monster Hardbones, and three (3) Sinister Darkcloth. It must be noted that the Squawkscythe is the top of the Death Stench Tree with Rarity 6. So from the first prerequisite weapon up to Squawkscythe, you will need the following materials:

  • Sinister Cloth x6
  • Aknosom Beak x1
  • Monster Bone : x3
  • Firestone x2
  • Commendation x1
  • Tetranadon Beak x1
  • Bishaten Horn+ x1
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Break x1
  • Dragonbone Relic x2
  • Sinister Darkcloth x3
  • Monster Hardbone x2
  • Rathalos Ruby x1

Most of the items required are relatively easy to obtain. What is truly difficult to find is the Sinister Cloth and Sinister Darkcloth. These two items are hard to come by since they cannot be acquired in any hunt, not even as a reward or random drop. In addition, the Sinister Cloth and Sinister Darkcloth aren’t explained in the game as to how to acquire them.

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It can be frustrating to grind for hours without getting the drop you need to craft your sought-after weapon. So if you’ve also been kept from crafting the Squawkscythe because of this, this article is intended to help you out. So let’s find out how to get these elusive core items.

Sinister Cloth and Sinister Darkcloth

The Sinister Cloth inscription reads, “Found long ago in the tomb of a king from a long-forgotten desert land.” The Sinister Darkcloth reads, “A burial cloth said to have shrouded an ancient desert king. Believed to be cursed.” Talk about a creepy backstory.

These two can only be found in one place and have quickly become some of the most challenging items to obtain in Monster Hunter Rise. Players end up frustrated trying to acquire this item because of its potential.

Aside from the Squawkscythe, the Sinister Cloth is used in several terrific items, such as the Canyne Death Stench armor. This makes your palamute look like a three-headed dog that guards the gates of hell.

The only known means to obtain a Sinister Cloth is by sending your Palamutes and Palicos on a quest through the Meowcenaries. The Meowcenaries allow you to go on your hunts, and it progresses every time you complete a quest.

Whether your hunts are successful or a failure, you will advance the Meowcenaries’ progress by one stage. A complete set of the Meowcenaries’ quests comprises five (5) stages. You must also finish five (5) hunts to get the full rewards.



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Felyne Chief Kogarashi in Buddy Plaza

The Monster Hunter Franchise has always had this gaming mechanic. Like the previous games, the Meowcenaries will let you send a group of palicos, and in this case, palamutes, to go on their own expedition. They can pick up items randomly, but results can be a little directed by choosing what path you make them choose.

To do this, go to the Buddy Plaza. In the right part of the plaza from the entrance, Felyne Chief Kogarashi stands on top of a small stone statue. Talk to him, and then you can choose which palicos and palamutes you want to send on a mission.

You can also choose which path they should take. This is the tricky part: you need to send your buddies to a stage with a sparkling symbol. These symbols mean there is a chance to get rare items like the Sinister Cloth and Sinister Darkcloth.

If you select a path with the sparkling icon, your palamutes will attempt to find your items like the Sinister Cloth. You can also use a Lagniapple to increase the drops and quality of items in your palicos and palamutes. To do this, press the X button. Your animal buddies love Lagniapples. Giving them this fruit will make them work harder to get results. Be it in the Dojo or Meowcenaries.


Meowcenaries Quests

Remember that the Meowcenaries go on 5-stage hunts. Check on them frequently after every hunt to see their progress. Once they finish their expedition and come back, the Meowcenaries will sit still. They won’t do anything unless you manually set them to go on an expedition again. This is a great waste of time and opportunity, especially if you’re looking forward to getting your hands on these rare items.

The Meowcenaries can fetch you anything from herbs to scraps. The results of their expedition are just very random. So always send your buddies away for an expedition to maximize their purpose.

The Squawkscythe is part of the Death-Stench S armor set in Monster Hunter Rise. Wearing them as a set will send chills down the spine of the monster staring at you. However, using the unique longsword with the Moshgarl S armor set will set you apart. As you protect Kamura Village from monsters, watch them tremble before you in fear. With your Squawkscythe in hand, prepare to take down monsters as a messenger of death.

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