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In Monster Hunter: Rise, keeping large monsters in frame can be a real challenge. You’ll encounter dozens of different monsters, and they all move differently. Monsters like the Crimson Glow Valstrax can dive suddenly from the clouds so keeping the camera on them is difficult.

How to Lock-On in Monster Hunter Rise

In this guide, we’ll show you how to lock on monsters in Monster Hunter: Rise. We’ll explain the two different types of camera settings and how to use them appropriately. 

Locking on the Target 

Monster Hunter: Rise has two types of lock-on settings: Target Camera and Focus Camera. 

To change the lock-on setting, simply press the plus (+) button to enter your menu at any point during the game. Navigate to “Options,” then “Camera,” then “Camera Style.” 

Focus Camera

Focus Camera is the best choice for new players. Players who aren’t used to moving the camera will find this lock-on type the best choice.

By pressing the Right Stick, you can cycle through which large monster to lock on. The selected monster will be highlighted in the upper-right corner of the screen where monster icons are displayed. Once the chosen monster is within range, the camera will automatically lock on it and keep it at the center.

This is generally the preferred lock-on method of ranged-weapon users because you don’t have to press any other button to keep the monster centered. The hunter is free to walk around and focus on aiming instead of controlling the camera.

Target Camera

Once a monster is selected using the Right Stick, you can lock on the target when it is in range by clicking the L Button. This immediately pans the camera, putting the monster in the middle of the screen. A red reticle appears on the monster indicating the monster is locked on.

Most players prefer this mode because some monsters move too far, too fast. Being able to freely toggle the camera lock when you need it gives you better control of your hunts. 

Like other settings, lock-on types are a matter of player preference. Try each one on your hunts to see which is best suited for your playstyle. Utilizing the lock-on feature will take your hunts to a whole new level.

Once you figure out which works best for you, get your gear on and prepare to defend Kamura Village!

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