Craftopia Tutorial : How To Catch Animals


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While you are advancing through the world of Craftopia, specific skills are needed to achieve the things you want to achieve. There are many exciting mechanics in the game which reward players.

Craftopia Tutorial : How To Catch Animals

For example, in Craftopia, you can catch animals or creatures. You can breed them, use them to make power, and any number of things. It is exciting to see that the Pokémon affections are not yet lost. Craftopia is a mixture of Zelda, Minecraft, and Pokémon.

It is essential for advancement that you know how to catch animals in the game. To catch animals, you have to do it like in Pokémon i.e., throwing a ball at characters. Craftopia’s developers are Japanese, and maybe that’s why there is an intense coloration between them. Let’s see how we can catch animals in craftopia!

How To Catch Animals In Craftopia

Catching these mobs can be tricky. According to players, many aspects are essential if you want to capture mobs successfully. Things like health, level, size, speed can affect how fast you catch these animals.

Because it is released not that long ago, there is not much info on whether these play a role. But, on many occasions, it was concluded that they do.

How to catch animals in Craftopia :

  • Find an animal that you want to catch.
  • Lower its health to below 30-20%. You can be sure that it is below 30% of its health bar is pink. The health bar is red for full health or healthy, for below 50%, it is yellow and lower pink or purple.
  • When the mob is very low, hit it directly with a prism. Often, the animals will break out, so keep trying until the animal doesn’t escape.

Players say that when you are five yards away from the creature, it is optimal to throw the prism. We don’t know if this changes anything, so try it for yourself.

As mentioned above, these animals can be used either in a generator or in breeding farms. To breed, you will have to catch animals of the same kind. Good luck taming these vicious creatures!

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