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PUBG is a game that skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. It went through a lot of updates since its first release and many original features have been changed or removed.

How To Crouch Jump in PUBG

A similar thing happened with crouch jumping, which was a widely popular move in the early installments of the game. Today, crouch jumping is officially removed as an option. Some deem it as not needed, while others are begging to bring it back.

Even though it officially isn’t an option anymore, there are methods to make your character crouch jump.


What Is Crouch Jumping?

When you want to jump over a certain object in PUBG today, you can use vaulting. Your run towards it, press the ‘jump’ key, and your character will jump over it. This is great when you want to run for cover, exit through a window, or access some locations quickly.

In the earlier version of the game, the movement of the character was not as sophisticated. Instead, you were supposed to use crouch jumping. This meant running towards a higher object and pressing the ‘jump’ and ‘crouch’ keys at the same time. Your character would jump higher and be able to reach some higher zones or exit through the window.

When the game implemented the vaulting feature, crouch jumping was considered outdated. Almost everybody felt vaulting was better and more realistic. As a PC player, you could have continued to crouch jump until the option was officially removed in 2018. But, what about unofficial ways?

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How to Crouch Jump

There are still ways to perform this technique. A user on Reddit posted a guide explaining this new technique. If you want to bring back the crouch jump, you will have to tweak your settings.

  1. Go to the System Menu.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Dedicate a key to ‘Jump Only’ option. This is important because, otherwise, vaulting will interfere with crouch jumping.

These options will enable crouch jumping.

While you are in the game and want to perform a crouch jump, you have to master this combination:

  1. Hold ‘Sprint’ until you reach the window.
  2. Press the ‘Jump only’ button and the ‘Crouch’ button.
  3. Keep sprinting.

When you want to jump out of the window, you need to continue your sprint. Otherwise, you will stay crouching on the window sill, which is also a nice technique to know.

Crouch jumping is difficult to master so you will need some time to get used to this trick.

crouch jump in pubg

Why Is Crouch Jumping Better Than Vaulting?

When you vault, the game will initiate an animation sequence that you can’t cancel. This makes your game more predictable. Even if the smoother animation makes vaulting look more fluent, you lose control for a second. When you crouch jump, you can change direction or stop the action.

When you perform a crouch, jump more of your body is covered from potential hits. Your head will also be more protected and will leave the danger zone more quickly. Since the head is the most vulnerable in-game body part, any extra protection can make a difference.

You also land further than when you’re vaulting. If there is another object that you have to jump over again after you vault, you lose valuable seconds and risk getting hit. With crouch jumping, you can jump over this object.

Cons of Crouch Jumping

Vaulting is an official part of the game, so sometimes that’s the only way that you can reach certain areas. The new version of the game optimizes its environment so that you can perform vaulting easier. This means that it’s now more difficult to crouch jump over higher obstacles than to vault over them.

Also, crouch jumping requires enough space to be successful. You need to have enough momentum for a sprint, so if you are in a tight or crowded area, you will be unable to do it. When you’re vaulting, you can overcome this with just one key while standing in place.

how to crouch in pubg

Should You Use Crouch Jumping?

Crouch jumping is difficult to master and is sometimes even considered cheating. It can bring an edge of competitiveness and skill because not everybody can do it perfectly. If you enjoy the chaos, shoot-outs, and neat runaways, you will enjoy this skill.

Competitive gamers will feel rewarded while learning this skill because the better you execute it, the faster and smoother it becomes. In the end, it does make a difference.

On the other hand, the game tends to try and be more realistic in its motion and animation. With crouch jumping, you end up with a bunch of players jumping like Spider-Man, which is the opposite of that goal.

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