CT-side Cache Smoke You Should Know (2022)


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CT-side can smoke too, you know?

CT-side Cache Smoke You Should Know (2022)

On any map in CSGO, CT-side almost always has the advantage in positioning against T-side. This is the case because, upon site entry, T-players need to check multiple angles while CT players pretty much already know where the enemies are coming from.

To make the weight of the ticking clock feel even heavier for T-side players, CT players can easily place smokes in site entrances to deter T-side players from taking any more space around the map. A well-placed smoke against T-players can often be enough to prevent and stop an impending push into just about any significant entryway into bombsites.

While smoke setups are not as essential to CT players (since they can hang back and hold angles on-site) as to T-side players, a few simple smoke setups can help a ton with site defense.

Here are a few CT-side smoke setups for Cache. Let’s go!

The CSGO Smoke Grenade


The Smoke Grenade is a precious piece of utility in CSGO, often used to block off enemy sightlines and angles within a bomb site. It is a powerful tool that can help your team enter and take control of bomb sites with ease.

A smoke grenade bounces a few times before it detonates. The number of times a smoke grenade bounces before it settles is dictated by the angle and the player’s type of throw (right-click/left-click/jump-throw).

image 16

Another excellent use for the CSGO Smoke Grenade is thawing out Incendiary Grenades or Molotovs. When thrown directly at Molotovs or Incendiary grenades, the Smoke Grenade acts as an instant extinguisher for the ensuing fires.

CSGO Smoke Grenades can be purchased within the buy period for 300 credits. When placed in the ideal locations, they can cover an area large enough to block player vision during site entry and defense.

Thanks to the recent major update to CSGO, unused grenades can now be dropped and picked up by any player in-game.

Cache A-site: A-Main Smoke from Quads/NBK

image 345

CT-players have the more advantageous angles towards A-Main against T-side players well before T-players even get anywhere near the A-Bombsite.

CT-players looking for quick action will often hold A-Main from Quads/NBK – a spot deep inside A-site. From here, any CT player with an AWP or even just a Deagle can make quick work of any T-player inside A-main, assuming they have a decent aim.

However, as a CT player, holding this angle every round and relying only on your raw aim might be bad. Enemies might start to prefire or even molly off the Quads area, forcing you to fall back into less than ideal positions on A-site.

If you miss your first shot, a quick A-Main smoke from Quads can help you mask your next position from T-side players inside A-main.

  1. Stand in this corner at Quads/NBK:
image 346

2. Aim for the left side of this dark spot on the Forklift:

2 24

3. Jump-throw the Smoke Grenade while aiming for the aforementioned spot:

image 347
image 348

Cache A-site: A-Main Smoke from Car

image 344

Car/Truck is a great position to hold as a CT player when defending A-site. Your character’s head looks super small from the point of view of the T-side players coming from A-main, but you also have a more precise shot against them. The Smoke Grenade should completely cover the A-Main Entrance:

As with the Quads/NBK position, you may rely on your raw aim to hold this angle without any smokes. However, the safer choice will always be to smoke off A-main to deter T-players from entering the site. You can still see T-players from this position if they decide to push through your smokes anyway.

  1. Align yourself with the front tire of the Car/Truck
1 21

2. Aim for this tip on the logo at A-Main:

1 30

3. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 343

4. The Smoke Grenade should cover the entire A-Main Entrance with no problems when done correctly.

image 344

Cache Middle: Garage Smoke from CT Middle Ramp

image 1

T-side players often split up between Middle and B-main or Middle and A-main, whichever they see fit. This strategy allows them to enter either bombsite from two different angles simultaneously – overwhelming the outnumbered CT players.

As a CT player, you will want to smoke off Middle to stop T-side from gaining control of middle and, subsequently, their bombsite of choice. This quick Garage entrance smoke should do the trick.

  1. Line yourself up with the left side of this window at CT Middle Ramps:

2. Walk forward until you are close to the gutter:


3. Aim for the center of the left half of the window:


4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:


When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should cover the entire Garage Entrance:

image 1

Cache Middle: Garage Entrance Smoke from White Box

image 20

The White box in the Middle is an excellent spot for CT players to play in since it gives them a great vantage point towards the Garage.

T-side will have a hard time getting a clear shot against CTs playing this spot since, most of the time, only a tiny portion of the CT character’s heads will be visible on-screen when playing at the White Box position.

If you feel sharp with your aim, you can try to pick off T-players from the White Box. Otherwise, it is good to smoke off the Garage entrance itself.

  1. Stand in this corner behind the White Box:
image 22
image 21

2. Turn around and look towards the Garage Window:

image 23

3. Aim for the center of the Garage Window:


4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 25

This simple smoke for Middle Garage should be enough to deter T-players from pushing through Middle.

image 26

Cache B-site: B-Main Deep Smoke From Heaven

image 17

B-Main is often a hotly contested area for both CT and T-side players. T-players usually do whatever it takes to gain more space towards B-site, and T-players might even smoke off the B-Main Entrance themselves to mask their cross towards the Checkers area.

With this in mind, players can use a deeper smoke that stops T-side from pushing past the B-Main Entrance. Meanwhile, you and your CT mates can take advantage of the tight corners around B-Main Entrance to catch T-players by surprise.

  1. Align yourself with the right doorframe at Heaven:
image 4

2. Look towards the Checkers wall. Aim for the left side of this steel plate on the wall:


3. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 18

The Smoke Grenade should bounce a short distance away from the B-Main Entrance itself and cover T-side’s vision towards Checkers when done correctly.

image 19

Cache B-site: Checkers Smoke From Heaven/Ramps

image 7

As mentioned in the previous smoke setup for B-Main, T-players tend to smoke off the B-Main Entrance themselves to make their way towards Checkers. This is a great alternative strategy for T-side players since entering B-site from B-Main will expose them to multiple CT angles.

To counter this, players can block off the Checkers Entrance with a simple smoke from B-Heaven.

  1. Align yourself with this line on the B-Heaven ramps:
image 8

2. Crouch, then aim just a little to the right of this dark leaf on the roof:

image 9

3. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade while crouching:

image 10

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land just along the Checkers entrance and cover the entire doorway:

image 11

Cache B-site: Quick and Easy B-Main Smoke From Heaven

If none of your teammates decide to hold an angle towards B-Main, you might be better off smoking B-Main Entrance. Wait for the T-players to push through your smokes at B-Main, as you generally have the angle advantage at Heaven in this situation.

  1. Align yourself with the right door frame at Heaven:
image 12

2. Aim for the top left corner of this signboard on the Checkers wall:

image 13

3. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 14

The Smoke Grenade should bounce off the wall once and make its way towards the B-Main Entrance:

image 15

Smokes for Defense

CT-side smokes for Cache are pretty straightforward as your general goal is to block off critical entryways into the bombsites.

As mentioned, though, if you feel sharp and quick with your mouse movements, you might find some success with holding angles towards A-Main and B-Main with your favorite gun in-game.

If you are feeling “lurky” (if that’s even a word), you can easily lurk around the close angles that these smoke setups afford you to score some cheap and easy kills off unsuspecting T-players when they decide to push these smokes. The choice is yours.

So, there you have it! Check out PlayerAssist.com for awesome gaming news, game reviews, codes, and more!


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