How To Customize Your Characters In Tales Of Arise And Where To Get Costumes



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Tales of Arise isn’t your typical JRPG for many reasons. One of those reasons is that you can customize your characters with cosmetic options that make them stand out. You’re not readily informed of this feature but the good news is that it’s fairly easy to change your outfits and find some new ones in the game. Here’s a quick guide on how you can do it.

How To Customize Your Characters In Tales Of Arise And Where To Get Costumes

How To Change Your Outfit

To change your outfit, you can simply open up your menu and go to the Outfit section. This menu will be available right from the start but you can’t make some changes until you proceed at least an hour into the story. More specifically, you can change once Alphen gets out of his Ragged Clothes outfit and begins adorning some new clothes.

From there, you’ll see various outfit options for your characters. You can change their hairstyle and overall attire. However, you can also equip up to two attachments and you can change the look of your weapons as well. The good news is that there are a ton of outfits to get in the game and getting them isn’t as complicated as it seems.

Getting Outfits

There are a few ways to obtain outfits in the game. The easiest of which is to proceed with the story. In doing so, you can unlock story-based outfits for Alphen, Shionne, and Law; the other characters don’t have extra story outfits sadly. Just proceed with the story and you’ll be able to unlock these naturally. There are also some outfits that come as a reward for completing certain sub-quests too.

Another way to unlock outfits is by buying them as DLC. Just go to the in-game store and you can see that there are actually quite a few DLC outfits for each of the characters. You can get these all for free if you get the Deluxe Edition of the game which comes with other bonuses such as recipes and even starter packs for Alphen and the gang.

As for your weapons, you can begin unlocking weapon skins the moment you craft them. For example, if you are able to craft Alphen’s Thunder Nail weapon, you can use the skin of the weapon while using a more powerful weapon for its stats. All weapon skins are acquired by crafting except for Alphen’s Sincleaver which is unlocked by progressing with the story.

Anything else?

Yes! Actually, there are a total of 38 attachments in the game; to unlock these, you’ll have to locate and find all 38 owls around Dahna. When you get Rimwell and before you head to Cyslodia, Hootle will begin to notify you if there are any owls in the area. If you come close to an owl, Hootle will begin hovering around you as well.

By changing your outfits, you can change the overall look of the characters during combat and during certain cutscenes. The outfits will not be visible during certain special animations and cutscenes but they will be visible across all the skits. Keep in mind that these are all purely cosmetic additions and they don’t add any stats whatsoever.

Exploring Tales of Arise in style is made to be fun and easy. It’s a neat feature that allows you to give personality to your characters so don’t be afraid to give them some new outfits every once in a while.


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