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After hours in the game, Alphen and the rest of the gang finally face off against the ever-so-creepy Red Woman. At this point in the game, the Red Woman is one of the most challenging bosses there is, and beating it can be quite the challenge, especially if you are under-leveled or if you lack the necessary equipment in the game. Here are a few tips for this feisty boss fight.

How To Beat The Red Woman In Tales Of Arise

This boss comes during the Forbidden Zone part of the game. The Red Woman is a follow-up boss to Tormented Limbs which in itself is a tough boss fight. In this guide, we’ll go over how you can beat the Red Woman in the game so that you can proceed with the story.

Red Woman Preparation Guide

Before you face off against the Red Woman, make sure you have all of your party members at least at level 46. The Red Woman is a level 48 boss. While you can proceed with the fight at a lower level, you’re going to find a lot of difficulties as the boss has an HP of over 280,000. Moreover, she deals an insane amount of magic damage to the whole party as well.

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Before going into the fight, make sure that everyone on your team is equipped with an accessory that offers protection against Dark elemental attacks. If you don’t have that, accessories that increase Magic Defense can do you good as well. As for your party itself, make sure to put in Shionne and Dohalim in the group as you’re going to need a lot of support healing.

Red Woman Boss Fight

When the fight begins, you’ll be surprised to see that you’ll be facing off against three units of the Red Woman. Don’t worry too much though as they all share the same health pool. It would be good for the party to focus on attacking one of the units only so that you can at least stagger one of them from time to time. On the other hand, pay attention to your party’s HP as each Red Woman can deal serious damage.

The Red Woman is resistant to Dark elemental attacks while she is susceptible to Light Elemental attacks. As such, make sure to use Rimwell’s Light magic on the Red Woman. This is going to be your most efficient form of damage. Alternatively, you can put in Law to replace Rimwell as he can deal heavy physical damage to the boss.

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The boss doesn’t do a lot of fancy moves. In fact, the only move you should watch out for is a beam attack. You’ll know when the Red Woman is doing it when she begins to line up all of her units in a row. There will be a large magical circle that will appear in front of each of the units from which the beam will appear. The beam will not reach the ends of the battlefield, but you can easily dodge it by going to the side.

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There are two variations to this special attack. The first one is where the units will line up in a part of the map. The other variation is where the Red Woman will scatter her units around the battlefield, so the beams are more spread out.

The Red Woman has the highest HP of all the bosses you’ve faced so far. Luckily, she isn’t that durable, and she has low defense. Eventually, you’ll defeat the Red Woman, and you’ll be able to proceed with the story as well. She isn’t the toughest boss in the game by a long shot, but she’s still a major challenge for unsuspecting players.

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