Valorant : How to Customize Your Crosshair


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When it comes down to it, First Person Shooter games are all about lining up your crosshair to the thing you want destroyed and pressing a button. Things are a lot more complicated than that as games add variables to the equation, but in the end, what wins a game is lining up an accurate shot.

Valorant : How to Customize Your Crosshair

Valorant is no exception. One of the coolest features Riot Games added to their new shooter is the ability to customize your crosshair. Let’s see how you can do that and make the most out of your experience. Doing this right can increase your kill count, so make sure you read the whole article.


Enter the game :

  1. go to Settings,
  2. and pick Crosshair.
Choose a type and other settings

This is your modification screen. It will include a previous of your crosshair and several options. The first option would be to change the Crosshair Color. The main options are White, Green, Yellow Green, Green Yellow, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, and Red. Which one you should pick is up to you, but bear in mind that it’s best to get a distinctive crosshair that’s easy to see.

Change the crosshair color

What are good crosshair settings for Valorant?

The next option is Outline. You can turn it Off and On. We’d recommend keeping it turned on, as it makes it more distinct and easy to see. After that, you can manipulate your outline opacity. It’s usually better to keep it on the higher end. Coming up next is the Outline Thickness. You can increase this option quite a bit, which will make your outline rather big. It can even be bigger than the crosshair itself. It’s best to keep it on the slimmer side, though not completely invisible.

You also have the ability to add a dot in the middle of the crosshair. This is good for measuring the center of your aiming. Similarly to the outline, you can increase or decrease the thickness of your dot. And again, similar to the previous option, it’s best to keep things slimmer as to avoid obscuring your vision during gunfights. This will come into effect on longer shots, when your enemy may appear rather small.

Fade Crosshair With Firing Error is the next option. This makes it so your crosshair widens as you fire, signifying your accuracy is being decreased by recoil and other factors. We prefer to keep this turned off and have a more static crosshair.

The final option is Spectate Player’s Crosshair. Meaning that when you’re spectating other players, you’ll see exactly what they see rather than your own personal settings. This is a fun option because it’s interesting to observe other people and how they prefer to play the game. Who knows, maybe you can steal some ideas and improve your own aim by customizing your crosshair?

And that’s about it for this feature. Changing your crosshair in Valorant can be a fun addition to the game and it’s certainly a rare feature in the world of tactical shooters. We’ll have to wait and see what crazy crosshair settings people come up with as the game continues to expand.

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