Escape From Tarkov Old Road Gate Guide


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The EFT community has been working hard to welcome new players into the wilds of Tarkov, but there has been the occasional mis-step. The Old Road Gate extraction is one such mis-step, and I’ve seen a lot of people asking about it. If you’ve been confused on where it is, we’re here to help.

Escape From Tarkov Old Road Gate Guide

Where is Old Road Gate?

The Old Road Gate extraction is a Scav only extraction located on the edge of the Customs map, just north of the dorms. This location is otherwise noteworthy for being the Dorms V-Ex extraction.

Old Road Gate – Scav Extraction

This map depicts the center-most portion of Customs. With the river on the left (Big Red further beyond that) and construction in the south-east. The north-eastern most portion of this map shows Old Road Gate labeled in yellow. Also note, you do NOT need to pay for the Old Road Gate extraction, even though it is in the same location as the vehicle extraction.

The Old Road Gate confusion started a way back when another community map, and so far I’ve seen several, that refer to the Old Gas Station extraction as the Old Road Gate or just “Old Gate” extraction.

Here is a slightly different shot of the same map, showing the “Old Gas Station” extractions (both the Scav and PMC version) in the bottom right of the image. I hope this helped clear up any confusion. For a more exhaustive list of extractions, check out our Extraction Guide. Or, if you might have some more questions about the Customs map, we have a guide for that as well.

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