Cyberpunk 2077: How To Customize Genitals



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When you read the summary of ESRB, you immediately get why this game was rated M for mature. There are a lot of bonkers scenes and mechanics in it, that are not appropriate for the younger audience.

Cyberpunk 2077: How To Customize Genitals

One thing which contributed a lot to this rating was the genital customization option. Furthermore, occurrences of half mutilated corpses didn’t help either.

However, it’s no surprise because this game was already a more graphic game. For the mature audience though, let’s cover how you can customize your genitals in-game.

How to Customize Genitals – Cyberpunk 2077

This is fairly easy to do, and it’s not exactly a hidden mechanic as most of the players thought. To customize your genitals, you can do so when creating your character.

When you are creating your character there will be some options to change your body type, as well as skin color, and genital size, I guess.

Why has such an option made it into the game?

Well, from what we can tell, the previous Cyberpunk was subject to a lot of frustration because of not so many customization options.

The developers apparently heard the constructive criticism and added some fairly interesting customizations.

On top of that, there were some other customizations which are similar to the one we speak of. For example, you can also change the size of your buttocks, and breasts for that matter.

Apparently, this game is quite radical when it comes to all of the features in it. They took it very seriously when they received such criticism in the past.

At least is good that you have the options to do so, who knows what the future holds for character customizations. The more customizations options, the better.

There were some missions and quest in the game that also contributed to this game having an M rating. If the customizations weren’t enough, there are some quests which played a role for the rating and made ESRB do this.

For example, there was a particular quest where the main character apparently “assist a character by hammering nails through his hands and feet” – according to ESRB.

Nonetheless, that’s why so many enjoy Cyberpunk. It might be graphic and weird in some cases, but that makes it distinguishable from the other titles.

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