How to Get into Arasaka Tower After “Heist” Mission in Cyberpunk 2077



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When Cyberpunk 2077 was released, many players were eager to jump on it and start grinding it out, which is exactly what happened. Due to this reason, many players miss a lot of in-game items, which the community later found. One of them is one of the most powerful katana in the “Satori” game. On “The Heist” mission, you have access to the Arasaka tower and this katana.

How to Get into Arasaka Tower After “Heist” Mission in Cyberpunk 2077

After you complete the quest, you can no longer access the building, or can you? If you’ve finished that mission already, don’t worry; you can still get this powerful katana!

How to Get into the Arasaka Tower After “Heist” Mission – Cyberpunk 2077

Before we start, we need to do a couple of things. The first is setting your difficulty easy because you must challenge some cops to enter the building. After that, make sure to get either double-jump or super-jump Cyberware.

That’s all you need to get into the building. Follow the steps carefully to get into the Arasaka tower after the “Heist” mission successfully:

  1. Travel to the California & Pershing fast travel point in Watson, Arasaka Waterfront.
  2. Get a car, get on the bridge, and go to this spot (position your car next to the wall if you are using a double jump; for the super jump, you don’t need the car):cyberpunk 2077 how to get in arasaka tower after heist mission
  3. Notice how the player is aligned with the objects on the minimap in the picture. Use double jump or super jump to jump over the fence!
  4. After that, go straight to the other side from here:cyberpunk how to get in arasaka tower after heist mission
  5. When you get there, you will see how the gates are closed off; shoot those off.
  6. Next, find the NPCs on the east side of the building’s property. Sometimes, they might not spawn, so make sure to skip time 5-6 hours a few times if needed.
  7. Start attacking them so that you get the police to follow you. Don’t fight with the police; instead, lure them to where you shot the gates, i.e., the back of the building.
  8. Stand next to the door of the building and stay alive until the police don’t spawn in the building.
  9. When they do, the building’s door will open, and you can enter the Arasaka Tower!

Pulling all of this off is challenging, so make sure your difficulty is set to Easy because the police tend to do some damage.

After you get in, go and hide in some hidden spot and wait until the police stop chasing you. Then, you can go and get the Satori Katana!

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