Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Legendary Crafting Recipe RT-46 Burya



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Getting legendary crafting recipes for free is always welcomed. Especially, because of the fact of how easy it is to get a legendary weapon, for not much effort.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Legendary Crafting Recipe RT-46 Burya

Well, this is true for many cases, but sometimes, you might find that there are lots of enemies which guard a particular place that is filled with loot.

The same goes for the legendary crafting recipe for the RT-46 Burya tech revolver. There is quite a bit of enemies you will need to take down, but in the end, it is definitely worth it.

Ignoring that fact, otherwise, this recipe can be easily acquired, and it doesn’t require a lot of resources to craft the legendary RT-46 Burya revolver, depending on what level you have reached.

How to Get Legendary Crafting Recipe RT-46 Burya – Cyberpunk 2077

It might get a bit complicated explaining where you need to go, but to make sure that you get to this location, follow the steps very carefully.

How to get the crafting recipe for the legendary RT-46? Here is how:

  1. Travel to Megabuilding H6 fast travel point first.
  2. Go inside, and take the left elevator to the Apartments.
  3. After you get there, take a right and then follow the path. On the stairs, go down.
  4. Then, enter the door that will be in front of you from the stairs. Skip through this place or loot if you like, and then take the stairs to get to the upstairs area.
  5. Go right and forwards until you get to a green door.
  6. Open it (technical ability will be needed), then take a left and loot the chest.
  7. Inside, there will be the legendary crafting recipe RT-46 Burya!

The RT-46 Burya can be crafted easily from the crafting menu. It is a tech revolver, which means that it can charge up and release a powerful blow.

Extremely high DPS, with four mod slots, but no scope slot since it is a revolver. It’s a legendary so it does have a few perks to it, with one of them being a 10% chance to inflict burning on targets.

The revolver also has bonus thermal damage, increased crit chance as well as crit damage, it has a charge multiplier, and to top it all off a headshot multiplier.

All in all, a beast of a revolver if you are into pistols and revolvers in Cyberpunk 2077. However, we’ve found that they’re probably the most overpowered guns.

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