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On top of shooting down cyborgs, robots, making love, and causing mayhem throughout Night City, it seems like there are endless possibilities for entertainment or interesting interactions in Cyberpunk 2077. Among them, you can also ride a roller coaster, but this feature is relatively hidden in the game, sort of like most of them.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Ride a Roller Coaster

This game tends to leave the reins to the players, and let them decide what they want to do, which is something that was a silver lining for Cyberpunk 2077, considering all of the problems associated with it.

How to Ride a Roller Coaster – Cyberpunk 2077

For some reasons, players are having issues riding the roller coaster alone, i.e. without Johnny. Because the first time when you ride the infamous roller coaster in Cyberpunk 2077, you will ride it with Johnny, he does seem like he doesn’t want to miss anything.

Nevertheless, the point is that, using this method, you will also be able to ride the rollercoaster alone, and anytime you choose to do so!

I would not waste any more time, instead let’s get into the guide. If you want to ride a rollercoaster in Cyberpunk 2077, this is how you do it:

  1. Get to the rollercoaster. It is located in Pacifica, Coastview. It is on the coast line, but more specifically, here:
  2. After that, go to the exact spot of the rollercoaster cart. NOTE: If there are NPCs here fixing it, talk to them, and opt to fix it yourself. If there aren’t any, go to the third step.
  3. Walk on the rollercoaster rails behind it, until you get to the end of the fence. You will have to jump to the other side here (you might need double-jump or super, or you can climb to that spot from the other side):
  4. On the left, you will see a power/electrical box. Open that, and fix the rollercoaster.
  5. The thing that’s left for you now, is to enjoy a ride on the rollercoaster!

When you ride it the first time, Johnny is sure to pop-up next to your seat. Nevertheless, after the ride finishes, you can ride the rollercoaster again, now without him.

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