Cyberpunk 2077: Lifepath Quiz – Which Lifepath to Choose?



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Choosing a whole history and background of your character is quite a big decision. How will choosing different lifepaths impact your gameplay and story?

Cyberpunk 2077: Lifepath Quiz – Which Lifepath to Choose?

Despite what many believe, lifepaths in Cyberpunk 2077 don’t really make a game-breaking difference to the story. That level of depth and size of story is quite frankly impossible.

Having three separate story-lines is a big job, development-wise. Also, would you rather have three small stories, or one enormous one?

Why Should You Bother Choosing a Lifepath?

Well, there are some differences after all. For example, each character has a unique background and story, which means that you should choose a lifepath that resonates with you, or that you like.

In addition to that, the starting missions, and interactions, as well as story, is different for each character. For those who haven’t yet started playing, and who are unaware, there are three lifepaths to choose from:

  • Nomad – Rough background and history. Part of a clan before this life.
  • Corpo – From slightly more sophisticated background, but a lot of experience in corruption and business.
  • Street Kid – Known for your life in the streets, and your failures to leave the said streets and start a life somewhere else.

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Which Lifepath to Choose? – Cyberpunk 2077

It ultimately comes down to preference and personal choice. Other than that, you will start at the same place after the starting mission, with the same clothes, weapons, and interactions available.

What I failed to mention is the fact that there are some interactions throughout the world in Cyberpunk that will differ based on the lifepath you have chosen.

At this moment, all lifepaths have the same side gigs and hustles available to them. It is yet unclear whether there are unique ones to each category.

If you are struggling with your choice of character, what I suggest is this: Look at it from a success story perspective. Choose a character which you personally would like to see most succeed in this god forsaken place!

Furthermore, the appearance might play a role for some people, but it shouldn’t. After all, you can always customize your character in Cyberpunk 2077!

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