How To Change GTA 5 Language on Epic Games


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Wondering how to change your GTA 5 language on Epic Games? We have you covered.

How To Change GTA 5 Language on Epic Games

Most games allow you to change the default language to a selection of other languages through the game’s settings menu. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for GTA 5.

To change GTA 5’s default language, you must change your console’s default language if you’re on Playstation or Xbox or your game launcher’s default language if you’re on PC.

If you’re playing GTA 5 through Epic Games, you’re probably wondering how to change the game’s language. We will show you how in this quick guide.

How to Change Language on Epic Games

You can change GTA 5’s language through the Epic Games Launcher. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Launch the Epic Games Launcher.
A screenshot of the Epic Games store

2. Click on your Epic Games ID initial in the top right corner.

Access the Epic Games settings menu to change language in GTA 5.

3. Choose Settings.

You can change language in GTA 5 through the settings menu.

4. Pick your new language from the list of language options.

A screenshot of the Epic Games store settings menu

5. Epic Games Launcher will confirm your language change. Choose Restart Now to apply the changes.

A screenshot of the Epic Games store settings menu

6. Launch GTA 5 and play the game in the new language you have selected.

Launch GTA 5 to check if the the language change you made in Epic Games worked.

How do I change my GTA 5 language to English?

Changing GTA 5’s language from the in-game settings menu is impossible. To change GTA 5’s language to English, for example, you need to change your console/launcher’s default language.

If you’re playing GTA 5 on Playstation or Xbox, change your console’s default language to English. This will also change GTA 5’s in-game language to English. Meanwhile, if you’re on a PC, access your launcher’s settings menu and change the language to English. If you have GTA 5 on Epic Games, follow the guide above to change GTA 5’s to English.

Final Thoughts

Without the ability to change GTA 5’s language from in-game, you have no choice but to change the language from your console’s settings menu or your launcher’s settings. Fortunately, changing your language from Epic Games is very easy in GTA 5; all you have to do is access Epic Games’ settings menu and select the language option you want to apply to the game.

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