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Got a Logitech or Thrustmaster steering wheel laying around? Find out how to use it for GTA 5 in this guide. 

How to Use a Steering Wheel for GTA 5 on PC

Vehicles have always been an integral part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise’s gameplay. After all, what fun would a ‘heist’ game be without appropriate getaway vehicles anyway?

Since driving around Los Santos takes up a considerable chunk of the overall gameplay in GTA 5, why not do it in style with an actual Steering Wheel?

Fortunately, GTA 5 can be played using a Logitech G29/G920 or similar steering wheel controllers on a PC, and we will show you how to do just that in this guide.

What Steering Wheels work with GTA 5?

Wheels such as the Logitech G29/G920 have been used successfully before in GTA 5. As for other steering wheel brands like Thrustmaster, several users online have reportedly been able to use Thrustmaster’s T80 wheel for GTA 5.

If you plan on using a Logitech G29 or equivalent steering wheel, make sure you have Logitech G HUB installed and ready to go.

For Thrustmaster wheels, make sure you have all the necessary drivers installed.

How to Use a Steering Wheel for GTA 5?

Before starting using a steering wheel for GTA 5 on PC, players will have to download a third-party mod to enable steering wheel controls for GTA 5.

The Manual Transmission Mod from adds steering wheel support, driver assists, and customizable steering sensitivity, among other things.

Some of the features include:

  • Steering Wheel Support with Force Feedback
  • Full control over transmission and drivetrain components:
    • Sequential, H-pattern, or custom automatic gearbox modes;
    • Working clutch;
    • Limited-slip differential emulation;
  • Driver Assists:
    • ABS;
    • Traction Control;
    • Stability Control;
    • Launch Control Cruise Control;
    • Adaptive All-Wheel-Drive;

Other functionality, such as button assignments, and force feedback strength, can also be configured within the Manual Transmission Mod menu.

How to Install Manual Transmission Mod for GTA 5

Before anything else, make sure you have the latest version of ScriptHookV installed, as this mod requires ScriptHookV to run properly.

If you have no idea how to install ScriptHookV in GTA 5, check out our guide on How to Install Mods on GTA V.

  1. Download Manual Transmission Mod for GTA 5 from this link.

2. Unzip the downloaded file:

3. Copy the ‘ManualTransmission’ folder and the ‘Gears.asi’ files from the downloaded folder:

4. Navigate to your GTA 5 root folder and paste the two files into your GTA 5 root folder:

The root folder for GTA 5 on Steam can be found in Local Disk C>Program Files>STEAM>steamapps>common>GTA V

For Epic Games, the root folder location is Local Disk C>>>Program Files>Epic Games>GTAV

5. Paste both files into the GTA 5 root folder:

6. Done!

7. Fire up your copy of GTA 5:

8. Press the “[” or “{” button on your keyboard to bring up the Manual Transmission Mod menu:

Troubleshooting Checklist

If your wheel is not working with GTA 5, but you have successfully installed the Manual Transmission mod into the game, you can run through the following checklist:

  • G HUB is up and has detected your G29/G920 successfully.
  • Make sure your steering wheel is up and running and has gone through its self-check sequence BEFORE firing up GTA 5.
  • The ‘Active Input’ section of the in-game Manual Transmission Mod Menu detects your wheel as Logitech G HUB G29 Driving Force Steering Wheel or a similar Thrustmaster wheel.
  • Configure your wheel for GTA 5 by bringing up the Manual Transmission Menu>Steering Wheel>Analog input setup>Configure steering/throttle/brake individually.
  • If you plan to use an H-shifter to drive in GTA 5, make sure you have changed the gearbox from Sequential>H-pattern in the Manual Transmission Mod Menu.
    • Make sure you configure the H-pattern shifter by going to Steering Wheel>H-pattern shifter setup.

Ready for Next Level Heists

Car chases, heists, and other car-related missions in-game will feel more intuitive and natural when using a steering wheel.

Sure, getting a wheel to work with GTA 5 might take more effort, but trust us, it will be worth it when you finally get your wheel up and running.

So, there we have it! That is all you have to do to install, configure, and finally use a steering wheel in GTA 5.

We have a few more mods lined up to improve the overall driving feel in GTA 5, so make sure you bookmark the PlayerAssist website so you do not miss out when those guides drop. 

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