How to Defeat Andrius the Dominator of Wolves in Genshin Impact



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The Wolf of the North, Andrius, is one of the weekly bosses in Genshin Impact. He can be found in Wolfendom and will only be available after you have completed Razor’s Story Quest.

How to Defeat Andrius the Dominator of Wolves in Genshin Impact

The area where you fight Andrius is in the form of an arena, as this battle is a challenge to test your fighting skills.

andrius 2

Andrius uses Cyro and Anemo and is immune to attacks of both elements. Although all other elements can work against Andrius, the best elements to use to easily defeat him are Pyro and Electro.

First Phase Attacks

In the first part of the battle, Andrius will use Cryo, and all his attacks will inflict the Cryo status to slow down your movement speed.

Cryo Claw Slash

This is a quick slash with the wolf’s claws on its left or right paw. At the beginning of this move, there is a short animation where Andrius will lean back a little, preparing to slash.

cryo claw slash

Charged Claw and Tail Sweep

Andrius will charge, and the floor under him will have a Cryo mark to indicate the AOE of the upcoming attack. He will then do a quick spin to attack with both his claw and tail.

Again, the charging animation will be your cue to prepare your dodge or move away.

Charged Leap

When you keep your distance from the wolf, he will charge and mark the area where you are standing. He will then leap towards that marked area to deal Cryo damage.

Moving away from the marked area or perfectly timing your dodge will save you from this move.

Wolf Rush

Andrius will charge forward to deal damage. This move will also leave Cryo marks on the wolf’s path, and stepping on this will inflict Cryo and slow your movement down.

Wolf Hunt

For this move, Andrius will enter a ghost-like form and run around the edge of the arena as if stalking his prey. His path will be inflicted with Cryo, and after a few rounds, he will do the Wolf Rush.

He will do this a few times and then mark the center of the area to do a Charged Leap.

Second Phase Attacks

When Andrius’ HP is reduced to 50%, he will howl and enter a second phase where he changes into his Anemo form.

2nd phase

Anemo Claw Slash

A quick slash with the wolf’s claws on its left or right paw, but this version will deal Anemo damage instead of Cryo.

anemo claw slash

Tail Sweep

When you are attacking from behind or damaging Andrius’ hind legs, he will use his tail to do a quick slash without facing you.

tail sweep

His tail will have a short animation which will be your signal that the tail sweep is coming.

Wolf Pounce

Andrius will charge by standing on his hind legs and then pounce to release an elemental attack. There are two versions of this attack for each of the two elements.

The Anemo version will release three slashes that will split as it flies away. Dodging and moving between the slashes will save you from this attack.

The Cryo version will mark a path, and then Cryo energy will flow along with it. Look out for the markings and move away from them before the Cryo energy hits.

Both Anemo and Cryo versions will also release an AOE elemental energy around the body of Andrius, which means you still need to dodge even if you are not in front of him.

Hale Storm

Andrius will shake his fur, and ice fragments will fall from the sky. The area where these things will fall will be marked, so look out and avoid it.


The wolf of the north will call the spirit of his pack, and one of these wolf spirits will attack you consecutively. They will appear in random order, and they will deal Cryo damage to slow you down.

Ice Crystals

Large ice crystals will appear around the edge of the arena. They will emit Cryo energy that will slowly widen the area it affects.

ice crystal

Each will randomly shatter, causing Cryo AOE damage but will leave behind energy particles, which you can pick up to charge your elemental burst.


Andrius will continuously howl, calling forth a strong swirling wind around him. This will continuously cause Anemo damage while wolf spirits continue to appear and attack you.


The continuous Anemo damage is not that strong, but, combined with all the other occurring attacks, you might still lose the battle. So make sure to look out and dodge all the other attacks.


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