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A pure elemental being nesting in an underground cave in Watatsumi Island, Inazuma and attacks anyone who enters its lair. The Hydro Hypostasis He is one of the world bosses of Genshin Impact that you can challenge and collect materials from.

How to Defeat the Hydro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Like all other Hypostasis, this monster has an elemental core protected by cubes that serve as its shell or shield. It can manipulate the said shell to conjure things and attack adventurers.

Since this entity is pure Hydro energy, it is immune to all Hydro attacks even if the core is being hit. Using Electro and Cryo is your best bet when facing this elemental boss. The attacks it makes are quite easy to dodge but will deal huge damage if you are not careful enough.

Attack Moves

Below are the types of attacks that this boss will make. Knowing these will help you beat the Hydro Hypostasis.

Disclaimer: The names of the attack moves below are unofficial and used to describe the attacks and their animations.

Small Water Droplets

2 Hydro-Slime-looking creatures will be summoned, and each will have a different role.

The dark blue one will hop and go near you and then explode to deal damage, while the light blue one will send healing energy particles to Hydro Hypostasis for it to recover HP.

These things are immune to Hydro and physical attacks. The only way to break its shield and destroy it is to trigger an elemental reaction using Cryo, Electro, Pyro, Anemo, and even Geo.

You can also collect the healing energy particle from healing yourself.

Rolling Hydro Blocks

The Hydro Hypostasis will move to the center of the arena and summon eight sets of 3 Hydro blocks or cubes. These will roll towards the center where the Hypostasis’ core is and close you in if you are within its area.

Try to get away from the center before the cubes get closer, or you will not have enough space to escape.

Whale’s Tail

The cubes will turn into a whale’s tail and slam the floor.

A succeeding burst of water will then follow towards the direction where the tail is facing.

Dodging to the side is the best way to avoid getting hit by this attack.

Synchronous Dolphin Trio

The Hydro Hypostasis will spin and dive under the floor and then emerge back as three dolphins that will synchronously jump towards you.

The dolphins will then smash into the floor as a Hydro explosion that deals huge damage.

Breaching Dolphin Pod

For this move, the Hydro Hypostasis will shed its shell and have them spin around it. Dolphins will then randomly jump from the floor as if breaching waters to damage you.

The spot where the dolphins will jump will be marked, making it easy to dodge.

The core is exposed since the Hypostasis’ cube shell is spinning around it. This will be the best time to throw in all your attacks.

Bubble Prison

The Hydro Hypostasis will have its shell form a circular shape and spin. Marks on the floor will appear, and large bubbles will emerge.

If you get hit by these bubbles, you will be trapped inside it. If this happens, just quickly press space until the bubble pops.

This attack does not hurt as much as the other attacks, but being trapped too long will have the Hypostasis send other attacks, and you can’t dodge them.

Rain Shower

The boss will spin on its area like a tornado to summon rainfall.

The rain shower will only fall on certain areas that have been marked. Meaning, staying away from those marked areas will let you avoid damage.

Regeneration Phase

When the Hydro Hypostasis’ HP is reduced to 1%, it will enter its regeneration phase. This is the special part of the battle where the boss will have a chance to continue the battle and possibly defeat you.

This boss will stay at the center invincible and throw 3 Water Droplets that will regenerate its HP.

These look like large Hydro slimes and need to be destroyed to prevent them from getting close to the Hydro Hypostasis. If these succeed, each Water Droplet will generate 15% HP for the Hydro Hypostasis.

The Water Droplets have Hydro shields and are immune to physical and Hydro attacks. To destroy them, you need to break the said shield. And the best way to do so is to use Cryo attacks, which will reduce the Hydro shield’s durability and freeze the Water Droplet and temporarily stop it from moving towards the Hypostasis.

Electro attacks are also strong elements against Hydro and will quickly reduce the shield’s durability.

Possible Rewards

After defeating this boss, the items you can collect include Dew of Repudiation, Varunada Lazurite, Adventure EXP, Companionship EXP, Mora, and artifacts.

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