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The Ruin Grader is one of the Automaton enemies you will encounter when playing Genshin Impact. It is a war machine left behind by a lost ancient civilization and is now one of the threats adventurers must face when exploring old ruins.

How to Defeat the Ruin Grader in Genshin Impact

Ruin Graders are introduced to the game during the arrival of Dragonspine and can now also be found in some parts of Inazuma. This giant robot is a much larger version of the Ruin Guard but has different features that you need to understand to defeat it.

Weak Points

All Automatons’ weakness is their core, the glowing light usually in their torso and seems to look like an eye. The Ruin Grader has three cores—one above its torso and one on each leg.

These cores, however, are only exposed when the Ruin Grader performs an attack. This means you have to perfectly time when to do aimed shots while avoiding or dodging attacks.

Like Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunters, Ruin Graders also have high resistance to physical attacks, but elemental attacks are very effective against these enemies.


Stomp and Slam

This move is easy to predict due to its slow animation. However, after the stomp, the Ruin Grader slams its fists on the ground, which can catch you off guard.

After the leg stomp, the core on the Ruin Graders leg will be exposed. You can attack these within the short window to stun the robot.

Forward Rush

The Ruin Grader will charge and run forward as if bashing anything on the way.

The cores on the Ruin Grader’s legs are exposed during this move. You can shoot a charged aimed shot as the robot moves forward or perfectly time a melee attack to the cores when it charges before running.

Spinning Attack

The Ruin Guard will spread its arms and spin violently while moving towards you for this move. This is a deadly move. Thus running away is the best option.

At the beginning of this move, the cores on each Ruin Grader’s legs are exposed. So if you have kept a good distance, try to hit one core with a charged aim shot.

Slap and Laser

This move begins with the Ruin Grader bending down and then spreading its arms before slapping it together. A quick laser beam will then be shot from the Grader’s core on its torso or head.

The core on the Ruin Grader’s head will be exposed from the time it bends down up until a second after the laser shot. Watch out for this time frame and hit the core to stun the machine.

Triple Orbs

The Ruin Grader can also throw orbs to deal damage to you. The three orbs will stay where it fell for several seconds and continuously damage when it touches you.

Just move away from these orbs to avoid losing HP.

Laser Beam

If you are keeping a good distance from the Ruin Grader, it will charge and shoot a laser beam at you.

Running away to the sides or around the back of the Ruin Grader can help you avoid getting hit by this attack.

Laser Sweep

When all of the Ruin Grader’s cores are disabled, it will perform another laser attack where it spreads its arms to hold the ground and then do a quick spin as it shoots a laser beam.

This attack has a moderate AOE, so moving away is not a problem.

The Ruin Grader’s size may be overwhelming to new players, but knowing its attack moves and when its core gets exposed will make the fight against it a piece of cake.

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