Dev Reveals Faster Way To Climb Through the Ranks in VALORANT


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The dawn of an ego-peeking era in VALORANT?

Dev Reveals Faster Way To Climb Through the Ranks in VALORANT

There is currently only one proven way of ranking up in VALORANT – winning. How you win will not matter much to most casual players, as the general public knows that the VALORANT ranking system queues up players from similar skill levels anyway, which results in a predictable amount of RR (Rank Rating) gain or loss every match.

However, one metric dictates how much extra RR you can gain or lose from winning or losing matches in VALORANT: Encounter MMR.

Read on to find out how you can increase the amount of RR you can get from your Ranked Matches in VALORANT.

Ego Peek = More MMR

The VALORANT Matchhmaking system is arguably the best it has ever been since VALORANT came out two years ago. You will be hard-pressed to see players with ranks way beyond your current rank tier these days. For example, if you play in the Silver tier, you will be queued up with players around the Silver and Gold tiers.

While some might argue that having enemies or teammates a rank or two higher than your own is borderline unfair, this is intended to test how well you perform against higher-ranked players, which you can take advantage of to gain more RR per win and accelerate your climb through the ranks.

In one of his ‘Ranked Fact Friday’ Tweets, Senior Competitive Designer (also known as EvrMoar”) revealed a solid way of how you can gain more MMR, and by extension, more RR, from your VALORANT games.

“Avoiding higher-ranked opponents may help you live longer in-game, but it doesn’t help you climb.”

Jonathan ‘EvrMoar’ Walker

To which he also explains:

Think of it this way; defeating a silver player only shows you’re silver, but defeating a diamond helps show that you are diamond. AKA GO EGO PEAK THOSE HIGH RANKS. This will also increase your performance bonus, you will get it more often and get a bigger RR bonus from it.

Jonathan ‘EvrMoar’ Walker

Take it from VALORANT’s Senior Competitive Designer to give you tips on leveraging matchups to get more MMR in your Ranked Matches.

The trick is to try and outduel the other team’s most skilled player (who is more or less the highest ranked player on their side as well,) as this will lead the matchmaking system to believe that your raw skill level is worthy of a rank equal to or greater than the opposing team’s highest ranked player. 

With this in mind, Ego-Peeking, and winning these duels against the opposing team’s highest-ranked player will net you more MMR and, therefore, more RR by the end of the game.

Peek to Win

Most players will generally avoid peeking at the other team’s top fragger for fear of getting called out and flamed by their teammates upon death. However, if you are feeling pretty sharp in-game, you might want to try your luck (or skill) on the other team’s best player (most likely the highest-ranked player) to get some extra MMR and RR from the match.

The best case scenario is when your team is already leading by a couple of rounds and is looking to impose itself on the opposing team. Ego-peeking will make a ton of sense and net you more MMR by the end of the game.

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