Diablo Immortal: 36 New Legendary Items for Season 7


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Another set of Legendary Items has arrived for Season 7.

Diablo Immortal: 36 New Legendary Items for Season 7

Fans are getting another set of Legendary Items for Season 7. After releasing a set of Legendary Items to compliment the Gloomguide’s Prized Set in the previous Content Update, Blizzard is shifting their focus towards enhancing the effects of targeted skills for every class in-game.

Below is a list of 36 new Legendary Items and their effects in this guide.


  • Lonecastle (Shoulders): Increases chance to block projectile when using Whirlwind by X%.
  • Luring Club: (Main Hand): Increases the damage dealt by Hammer of the Ancients by X% when enemies are Stunned.
  • Scalesuner (Pants): Chained Spear shatters armor, which increases Chained Spear’s damage by X% for Y seconds.
  • Splitting Outbreak (Head): Increases Ground Stomp’s maximum charges by X.
  • The Startler (Off-Hand): Gives Hammer of the Ancients the ability to strike multiple times and knock enemies into the air with each strike. However, movement speed is significantly reduced while the skill is active.
  • Temple of Battle (Chest): Alter’s Chain Spear animation, giving it the ability to sweep left and right. Enemies caught by the chains will be gathered in a cluster in front of you.


  • Blade Prison (Main Hand): Falling Sword gains the ability to call down five electric swords that damage nearby enemies.
  • Chambers of Exhaustion (Shoulders): Sacred Chains Imprison all enemies within a targeted area. enemies that leave the area will become stunned.
  • Fitting Thunderhead (Chest): Falling Sword decreases enemy Movement Speed by X% for Y seconds.
  • Insulator (Pants): Conjuration of Light reduces the duration of loss of control effects by X%.
  • Lustre titanic (Off-Hand): Using Holy Banner will reduce continual damage taken by allies by X%.
  • Simony’s End (Head): Sacred Chain inflicts damage to all nearby enemies when the ability duration ends.

Demon Hunter

  • Abundant Intangibles (Head): Using Escape will give you invisibility for X seconds.
  • Buzzard on the Wing (Main Hand): During Strafe, your Movement Speed is increased by X%.
  • Concentrated Coldness (Pants): Smoke Screen will Chill and deal damage to all nearby enemies at a targeted area. Smoke Screen’s maximum charges increase by X.
  • Hundred Striking Shadows (Shoulders): Multishot deals X% damage to shields.
  • Radella’s Lifebraid (Chest): Damage dealt to enemies by using Strafe is increased by X% up to Y% for up to Z seconds.
  • Sjikar (Off-Hand): Strafe fires piercing shots at nearby enemies.


  • Blazing Ablution (Shoulders): Wave of Light will spawn multiple golden bells that resonate and deal damage to enemies whenever you or your allies hit the bells will Primary Attacks.
  • Branding Bond (Pants): Using Mystic Snake will cause you to move quickly in a direction, damaging all enemies in your path.
  • Budding Anew (Chest): Seven-Sided Strike grants a shield that absorbs X damage.
  • Stirring Titan (Head): Inner Sanctuary reduces enemy Movement and Attack Speed in an area and gives you and your allies improved Movement and Attack Speed.
  • Twitching Palm (Off-Hand): Fist of Thunder’s first strike is imbued with Lightning, zapping enemies for X damage.
  • Unyielding Doctrine (Main Hand): Dealing damage with Fists of Thunder will give you increased Primary Attack Speed by Z% for Z seconds.


  • Affinity Spiral (Shoulders): Meteor deals X% increased damage to Frozen targets.
  • Alder Crystal (Off-Hand): Arcane Wind Freezes chilled enemies for X seconds. Has a cooldown of Y seconds.
  • Frozen Wellspring (Pants): Meteor calls down a blizzard that damages and Chills enemies in an area.
  • Nor the Nail-Nursed (Chest): Ice Armor reduces the damage you take by X%.
  • Prophet’s Corolla (Head): Slow Time blocks all enemy projectiles from entering or exiting.
  • Staff of Baying (Main Hand): Arcane Torrent launches missiles ahead of you and can be channeled while moving.

Specialized Builds

For Season 7, Diablo Immortal players will get specialized effects from targeted spells, such as the Barbarian’s Hammer of the Ancients and the Wizard’s Arcane Wind, thanks to the new Legendary Items. The addition of these Legendary Items should give players more options in their specific character builds, so they can fine-tune their builds to suit their playstyle.

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