Diablo Immortal: Cursed Items Guide


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Will the pros outweigh the cons?

Diablo Immortal: Cursed Items Guide

The Age of Falling Towers update brought many new features to Diablo Immortal. Besides the new clan-based game mode, players get a new Dungeon, Elite Quest, and multiple Limited-time events and Feature Updates.

A new type of Legendary called Cursed Items has also been added in the recent update. These unique items with quirky mechanics will leave many players scratching their heads in confusion.

With this in mind, we have outlined all you need to know about Cursed Items in Diablo Immortal, including how they work and where you can find them in-game in this quick guide.

What are Cursed Items in Diablo Immortal?

The Age of Falling Towers update brought in a new type of Legendary item in Cursed Items. These Legendary Items come with unique conditions and effects governed by what is referred to in-game as Positive and Negative Properties.

Positive Properties are Cursed Item-specific effects that provide buffs and other effects that benefit the player. Negative Properties do the opposite, albeit to a different parameter than the Positive Property.

All Cursed Items will have two effects – one Positive and one Negative. However, you can only reap the Positive effect when you pair Cursed Item A with Cursed Item B, which carries the same Positive Property as Cursed Item A.

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Now here’s the catch (and it’s a big one) – equipping two Cursed Items with the same Positive Property will give you both Positive and Negative Properties of both Cursed Items.

For example, if Cursed Item A carries the following properties:

  • Positive Property: Increases Damage by 10%
  • Negative Property: Decreases Attack Speed by 10%

And Cursed Item B carries the following properties:

  • Positive Property: Increases Damage by 10%
  • Negative Property: Increases Cooldown of all skills by 5%

You will get the following effects:

  • 10% Increased Damage
  • 10% Decreased Attack Speed
  • 5% Increased Cooldown

As you can see from the example above, using Cursed Items can give you one powerful buff at the cost of two debuffs. Whether this tradeoff is worth it will be up to you. These are Cursed Items, after all.

Where to get Cursed Items in Diablo Immortal?

Cursed Items are Legendary items you can randomly find by completing PvP matches. Cursed Items can also be found in PvE and almost anywhere around the game. Slay as many monsters as possible from various zones around the map to increase your chances of getting Cursed Items in-game.

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Cursed Items will force players to weigh the pros and cons of equipping two Cursed Items in Diablo Immortal and give players many new build options for their characters.

Less of a Blessing and more like a Curse

Cursed Items make Legendary Items more accessible to mere mortals in Diablo Immortal. These new Legendary-tier items can drop randomly anywhere in the game, making them relatively easier to acquire than most non-Cursed Legendary items.

However, Cursed Items come with quirks, and it will be up to you to decide whether it is worth equipping a Cursed Item in-game.

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