Diablo Immortal: All You Need To Know About The Server Merger


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Blizzard merges multiple servers to improve population density in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: All You Need To Know About The Server Merger

Last week, Blizzard announced a server update that will see a number of servers from South America, East Asia, and North America merging into bigger and more centralized servers. By doing so, Blizzard hopes that players will be able to connect with other players more easily in-game, which should improve search times for a number of in-game modes.

The server merge will take effect at the same time the November 8th Content Update goes live. With the update comes a few key additions such as the ability to craft Set Items, a new limited-time event, and a number of quality-of-life updates.

Server Merger Details

To accommodate a large number of players, Blizzard added a vast selection of servers per region when Diablo Immortal came out back in July, so players can choose the best servers for their location and ping.

Originally, players cannot switch servers and carry over characters to other servers even if the server is from the same region. This meant that servers will eventually face a population drought as less invested players quit the game or move to more populated servers.

The server merger seeks to improve the overall number of players per server by combining multiple servers, effectively increasing the number of active players. By extension, having more players per server means that finding players to team up with will be much faster.

We made an article outlining the servers involved in the merger in a different guide, so if you want to know whether your server is part of the merger, give that article a good read.

With that said, here are some important points to remember about the Server Merger.

  • After the server merger is complete, you will log in to the same server you originally belong to. However, your server’s population will now be aggregated with other servers in the same grouping.
  • The merger might cause naming conflicts (same names). In this case, a number beside each same name will be added to differentiate. In addition, a free name change will be given to affected players.
  • Battle Pass progress will be carried over.
  • Your character will keep all items.
  • Your character will remain in the same Clan/Warband.
  • Battlegrounds stats will be retained.
  • Deeds of Valor badges will be retained.
  • Challenge Rift server-first achievements will be retained.
  • Leaderboards will be reset.
  • Wynton’s Grand Market transactions will be retained, but the recommended price will now base on the merged server’s average price.
  • Immortal players from each of the merged servers will be compared. The Immortal with the highest Dominance will become the new Immortal for the merged servers. Previous Immortals will be compensated for their previous achievements.
  • Previous Immortal Reigns will be retained on the Wall of Honor.
  • Shadows and Adventurers will retain their progress on the merged server.
  • Shadow War and Rite of Exile will be paused to give players time to adjust.
  • Server Paragon Level will be based on the highest Server Level among servers of the same grouping.

Unified Servers

The server merger should instantly improve the population of multiple regions in Diablo Immortal. Not only will this improve player search times, but it also makes the player base more diverse and competitive. The good news is that the Server Merger will not affect character progression, items, and most achievement stats you previously acquired before the merger, and you can continue grinding in-game as if nothing happened.

You can read the full November 9th Content Update here.

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