Diablo Immortal: Best Legendary Gems for the Necromancer Class


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Raise the undead!

Diablo Immortal: Best Legendary Gems for the Necromancer Class

The Necromancer class does not offer flashy melee-focused gameplay that lets you gather and crush enemies with bone-shattering abilities, such as the Barbarian, Crusader, and Monk.

The Necromancer cannot deal damage using the elements as the Wizard can and certainly does not have the ranged AoE damage potential that the Demon Hunter possesses.

The Necromancer possesses the simple yet effective ability to repurpose an abundant resource when fighting monsters and the undead – corpses.

Coupled with the ability to summon units that will fight alongside it, the Necromancer is an understated yet deadly class in Diablo Immortal that many players consider the best class.

Equipping the right Legendary Gems can help improve the Necromancer’s ability to deal damage with its Primary Attack and summons.

Considering that, we have listed the best Legendary Gems for the Necromancer Class in this guide.

Necromancer Class Overview

The Necromancer is best known for its ability to summon units that will fight alongside it in battle. The Necromancer’s summoned units soak up most of the incoming damage for their master, giving the Necromancer room to operate behind the front lines.

Soulfire is the Necromancer’s bread and butter, giving the Necromancer a powerful ranged AoE Primary Attack that can quickly help it multiple clear groups of enemies.

The Necromancer can then use the dead bodies to raise skeletons that will fight for it or blow the corpses up to deal massive AoE damage through Corpse Explosion.

Supporting isn’t really the Necromancer’s thing, but it can do so when necessary through Bone Armor – an ability that increases the Necromancer and its allies’ armor for a short time.

The Necromancer can also summon a powerful boss-like minion in Command Golem. Command Golem can deal massive damage to enemies and inflict stuns as well.

When activated a second time, Command Golem will jump toward enemies. The massive golem’s landing will damage and cause nearby enemies to attack no other unit except the golem for a brief moment.

With all that in mind, you can probably already see the Necromancer as a class that stays away from the heat of battle and instead utilizes summons to hold the front lines. Legendary Gems that improve the Necromancer’s summons and Primary Attack are necessary.

Best Legendary Gems for the Necromancer Class

The Necromancer class relies heavily upon its summons to deal damage in battle. With the summons holding the front lines, the Necromancer can stand back and spam Soulfire to deal damage to enemies from afar.

With that in mind, the Necromancer will greatly benefit from Legendary Gems that increase Primary Attack damage.

Legendary Gems that improve the Necromancer’s summons durability and duration are also very beneficial.

1-star Legendary Gems

  • Berserker’s Eye
  • Chained Death
  • Freedom and Devotion

Berserker’s Eye provides a 5.00% damage boost at the cost of taking 6% more damage. This tradeoff might be a dealbreaker for some classes but not for the Necromancer, as the Necromancer won’t be taking too much damage in battle anyway, thanks to its summons.

Chained Death is a good 1-star Legendary Gem that also provides a respectable damage boost to the Necromancer.

This Legendary Gem can help the Necromancer deal more damage from the backlines through its Primary Attack. Chained death will give as much as 4.5% bonus damage just by hitting three enemy units.

Freedom and Devotion is the best 1-star Legendary Gem you can get for the Necromancer. Freedom and Devotion increase the duration of all summons by 8%, significantly increasing the damage your skeletons and Command Golem can deal over time.

2-star Legendary Gems

  • Lightning Core
  • Fervent Fang
  • Power and Command
  • Follower’s Burden

The Necromancer will spend most of its time on the battlefield firing Soulfire from the backlines. A Legendary Gem such as Lightning Core should help the Necromancer deal the occasional burst damage through its Primary Attack.

Lightning Core will deal 90% base damage + 1134 damage to nearby enemies every 20 seconds.

Fervent Fang will help give the Necromancer’s Primary Attack more sting. Fervent Fang will cause enemies to take 0.80% increased damage from your attacks.

This debuff can stack up to 10 times for 8% more damage taken.

Power and Command are unique in that it cycles through two states every 9 seconds. The first state, Power, will increase Primary Attack damage by 8%, while the second state, Command, will increase skill damage by 8%.

The Necromancer can benefit from either state at any given time. This Legendary Gem can improve Primary Attack damage, and the amount of damage Corpse Explosion can deal to surrounding enemies.

The Necromancer will have multiple summoned units up at any given time, making Follower’s Burden a must-have 2-star Legendary Gem.

Follower’s Burden will increase the damage you deal by 1.00% for every unit you control up to 6%.

5-star Legendary Gems

  • Blood-Soaked Jade
  • Echoing Shade
  • Howler’s Call
  • Seeping Bile
  • Zwenson’s Haunting

Blood-Soaked Jade should complement the Necromancer’s gameplay perfectly with its 8% damage buff at full HP and the 10% movement speed increase it provides.

The additional movement speed should help the Necromancer avoid damage and keep the Blood-Soaked Jade’s damage buff at max.

Blood-Soaked Jade will provide less damage the lower the Necromancer’s HP is in battle. However, the Necromancer should have close to full HP most of the time since it mainly fights behind its summons.

Having more summons fight in battle is always good, so Echoing Shade is one of the best Legendary Gems for the Necromancer.

Echoing Shade will give attacks a 15% chance to summon a shadow clone with some Necromancer abilities for 8.00 seconds.

Howler’s Call is also a great 5-star Legendary Gem for the Necromancer, as this gives the Necromancer a chance to summon a powerful spirit wolf that deals 150% base damage + 1458 to all enemies along its path.

Seeping Bile will give the Necromancer’s attacks a 4% chance to poison enemies. The poison effect deals 25% base damage + 263 every second for 6 seconds.

The same poison effect spreads to nearby enemies if the unit dies. Seeping Bile’s poison effect synergizes well with Corpse Explosion, allowing for an endless chain of DoT and burst damage.

Last is Zwenson’s Haunting, which summons a dark beast that deals 50% base damage + 486 to all nearby enemies each time the Necromancer kills an enemy unit.

The Necromancer can breeze through multiple units in seconds, allowing it to take full advantage of Zwenson’s Haunting.

Master Puppeteer

Diablo Immortal dungeon runs involve clearing multiple waves of enemies, which leaves hundreds of corpses on the ground.

The Necromancer takes advantage of these corpses through Corpse Explosion, allowing it to damage even more enemies in an area.

The Legendary Gems featured above should help improve the Necromancer’s ability to deal damage through its Primary Attack and improve the Necromancer’s summons’ effectiveness in battle.

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