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Try out a different server in Diablo Immortal. Different strokes for different folks. We will show you how in this guide.

Diablo Immortal: How to Change Servers

Blizzard’s free-to-play mobile dungeon-crawler is available across a variety of regions through a variety of servers. Each server will offer the same gameplay experience as long as your ping is low enough not to distract from the game itself.

Changing servers in Diablo Immortal is as easy as tapping your preferred server and playing away. However, you must remember a few things before you explore an entirely new server in Diablo Immortal.

Why Change Servers in Diablo Immortal?

In any online game, players will want to choose a server that is closest to their home region. Why? Because these servers usually offer the best ping and connection quality in-game.

Generally, in a fast-paced MMORPG game such as Diablo Immortal, players will want to play on a server that will not give them random lag spikes or input delays, as players risk wasting skill cooldowns missing item loots when connection problems occur.

So, are there merits to switching to other less ideal servers? Yes.

Same Region Same Friends

For one, Diablo Immortal can be played in co-op with friends. Unfortunately, players from different regions or servers will not be able to play Diablo Immortal together online, forcing some players to switch over to a different server so they can play with their friends.

Time is of the Essence

Timezone is another factor when switching to a different server in Diablo Immortal.

Several tasks, events, and purchase cooldowns in-game depend on the server’s timezone, such as First Kill of The Day and Normal Gem purchases from the Hilts Trader.

Suppose you are a relatively busy person who can only play Diablo Immortal during your downtime. In that case, it might be worth switching to a timezone that completes the ideal 24-hour cycle in-game when you pick up your phone and play Blizzard’s dungeon-crawler on mobile.

Language Barriers

You will be lucky to get a good ping on any of the English servers offered in-game if you are from other parts of the world, so depending on the ping numbers you are getting, you might be forced to play on a completely different server, which poses a big problem – Language Barriers.

For example, we were forced to pick a Japanese server since Japanese and Korean servers are the only servers that offer decent ping in the East Asian region. Unfortunately, like most of the world’s population, we can not read or write in Japanese or Korean.

Most in-game chat is written in Hiragana or Hangul on these servers, so we do not know what people are trying to say.

So that is one thing to keep in mind when choosing servers in Diablo Immortal. Will you prioritize a server with good ping but understand not a single thing other players are saying, or pick a server with bad ping but be able to communicate normally with other players. Pick your Poison.

How to Change Servers in Diablo Immortal

Note: Your current character, story progress, and loot will not be carried over to your newly chosen server. You must make an entirely new character and repeatedly go through the game’s missions when switching over to a new server. Do not worry! You can still play your previous character by reverting to your old server. 

With that out of the way, changing servers in Diablo Immortal is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. In the Diablo Immortal Homescreen, tap on the servers menu:

2. Tap on your preferred region:

3. Choose your preferred server:

4. Your new server should now be set at the home screen:

5. Tap on Play and create your new character for the new server:

As mentioned previously, you can still play your other character by clicking on the server menu again:

And selecting “My Heroes”:

Clicking on your Hero’s icon will take you to your Hero’s last known location in Diablo Immortal.

Server Hopping

There are many good reasons players want to change servers in Diablo Immortal. Whether it is because of ping or language barriers, we hope you can find a decent compromise between ping and server quality that will allow you to enjoy all that Diablo Immortal has to offer.

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