Diablo Immortal Content Update (May 24, 2023) – Limited-Time Events, Feature Updates, and More


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Blizzard releases four new limited-time events and four feature updates in the May 24 Diablo Immortal Content Update to keep the fans busy while they wait for the Merciless Monstrosity Event.

Diablo Immortal Content Update (May 24, 2023) - Limited-Time Events, Feature Updates, and More

Diablo Immortal’s Anniversary is just around the corner. On June 1, Blizzard is set to release a blog post detailing everything you can expect from the Merciless Monstosity Event, Children of Lilith Battle Pass, and Hatred’s Heritage Phantom Market.

In the meantime, Blizzard is giving players four limited-time events to keep them busy while waiting for the next update.

This guide outlines everything you need to know about the May 24 Content Update in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Content Update – Limited Time Events

One new limited-time event and three others will grace Diablo Immortal this week. The newest of the lot is the Dread Pilgrimage Event, where you must complete specific challenges to receive rewards.

  • The Dread Pilgrimage Limited-Time Event will run from June 1, 3 a.m. to August 2, 3 a.m. server time.
    • Unique Challenges become available on the following dates:
      • June 1, 3 a.m. server time
      • June 8, 3 a.m. server time
      • June 15, 3 a.m. server time
      • June 28, 3 a.m. server time
      • July 17, 3 a.m. server time
  • You can get the following rewards from the Dread Pilgrimage event:
    • Random 2-star Legendary Gem
    • Mystery Portrait Frame
    • 1 Legendary Crest
    • Mystery Emoji
    • Mystery 1-star Legendary Gem, 2-star Legendary Gem, Armor Cosmetic, WEapon Cosmetic, and Portal Cosmetic.

Alongside the Dread Pilgrimage limited-time event, the All Clans on Deck, Hungering Moon, and Shady Stock events are in this new update. These three events return to give you another chance at completing event challenges and collecting event rewards.

Nevertheless, you can expect a similar set of challenges and rewards from these limited-time events, so check out our guide on each to get a better idea of what to expect from the events when they arrive in-game:

May 24 Feature Updates

You won’t find many new features in the May 24th Content Update, as Blizzard is likely waiting to release a bigger list of changes for the next Major Update.

Nevertheless, you can expect new quality-of-life updates for Dash Skills and Hell Difficulty Switching, Charm Destruction Options, and Battle Pass Legendary Item Rewards changes.

  • Updated ground-targeted Dash Skills functionality on mobile devices.
    • The targeting circle for Dash Skills will not spawn away from you by default.
  • Hell Difficulty Switching can now be done from anywhere in-game.
    • Removed requirement to be in Westmarch to switch in-game difficulty.
  • The Charm Destruction option in your inventory has been removed.
  • You now have a higher chance of getting Essences from Legendary Items that are Battle Pass Rank Rewards.

Read the full Diablo Immortal May 24 Content Update Patch Notes here.

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