Diablo Immortal: Destruction’s End Guide


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Face off with one of the Prime Evils in Destruction’s End.

Diablo Immortal: Destruction's End Guide

Within the Zoltun Kulle Library lies a hidden dungeon called the Destruction’s End, home to one of the Burning Hell’s most powerful demons, Baal.

Destruction’s End is unlike previous dungeons in the game, as you are given allies that will fight alongside you in the form of Tal Rasha and Zoltun Kulle. You can work together to quell Baal and clear Destruction’s End in record time.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Destruction’s End in this guide, including how you can unlock the dungeon, the rewards you can expect from completing the dungeon run, and the types of enemies you will face in this dungeon.

Destruction’s End Details

Destruction’s End is located in the northwestern part of Zoltun Kulle. However, you must complete the Shassar Sea storyline before making the dungeon available in-game. After completing all the missions in the Shassar Sea, Peth will escort you to the entrance of the Library of Zolton Kulle and chant a spell incantation to open a path to the library.

The Destruction’s End dungeon run is split into two phases. In the first encounter against Baal, you will fight alongside Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha. As soon as Baal loses enough HP, he will teleport himself away, prompting Tal Rasha to chase after him. Follow Zolton Kulle through the dungeon to arrive at the next phase, where you team up with Tal Rasha again to take down Baal once and for all.

Destruction’s End’s layout and mob grouping make it a less ideal dungeon for farming XP, and the dungeon does not feature a ton of chests as, well. Instead, treat this dungeon as a nice trip to memory land where you can fight alongside Zolton Kulle and Tal Rasha.

Destruction’s End Rewards

Every dungeon in Diablo Immortal will feature varying levels of rewards. Unfortunately, Destruction’s End is only really good for farming the Set Items that only drop in this specific Dungeon, as XP gains are minimal. You can get an extra chest by beating the dungeon before the timer expires, but that’s about it.

Like other dungeons in Diablo Immortal, you will be rewarded Battle Points for completing the Dungeon, plus a chance to get one of five different Set Items. For Destruction’s End, expect to win at least 15 Battle Points after completion, plus a chance to get one of the five Set Items below:

At Hell I and above, expect to get the Issatar the Brute (Boots of Issatar Imbued Set) and the Whipcrack (Belt of Windloft Perfection Set)

At Hell II and above, The Subjugator (Neck of Feasting Baron’s Pack Set) and the Shepherd and Beastmaster (Hands of Shepherd’s Call to Wolves) are up for grabs.

At Hell IV+, you can acquire the Modest Urge (Ring of Vithu’s Urges Set) to complete the dungeon.

Destruction’s End Requirements

Zoltun Kulle’s Library can only be unlocked by completing the Shassar Sea storyline in Diablo Immortal. It is crucial to have access to Zoltun Kulle’s Library as Destruction’s End is located deep within Zoltun Kulle’s Library.

The only other requirement you need to worry about is the entry-level, Level 35. Fortunately, other dungeons, such as the Mad King’s Breach and Forgotten Tower, offer tons of XP gains, so grinding to level 35 should not be a problem.

Destruction’s End Strategy

As mentioned above, the fight against Baal is split into two phases. To get to the next phase, you will have multiple clear monsters and a minor boss in the form of a Blood Lord.

Multiple barriers also block the path toward the final phase, and you’ll have to defend Zolton Kulle while he dispels these barriers.


In the first phase of the fight against Baal, he will mostly try to use his hands and swipe away at nearby units. Keep away from the direction Baal is facing to avoid these attacks.

Baal will also fire green fireballs in a straight line in front of himself, and after you’ve reduced his HP considerably, he will also let out a random barrage of fireballs.

In the second phase, you need to destroy the Festering Appendages before you can start dealing damage to Baal. After which, he will let out a shockwave that will stun and knock back every unit in the area. Expect similar attacks from the first phase and a new set of moves, such as an area stun and a meteor barrage.

A Dungeon of Novelty

Destruction’s End’s split boss battle and multiple barriers between mobs mean fewer chances of keeping your Massacre Bonus going. This also reduces XP rewards, making it a less attractive dungeon if you want to farm as much XP as possible.

You’ll get much less XP here than in other dungeons, such as Mad King’s Breach and Forgotten Tower.

However, there’s no doubt that Diablo fans will want to clear the dungeon just to experience fighting with Zolton Kulle and Tal Rasha.

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