Diablo Immortal: Forgotten Nightmares Major Update Patch Notes


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Diablo Immortal’s first-ever Major update. 

Diablo Immortal: Forgotten Nightmares Major Update Patch Notes

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

A few months ago, Blizzard announced a more tik-for-tok update schedule for Diablo Immortal that will alternate between a Minor update and a Major update cadence. Since then, fans have only really gotten Minor updates, as Blizzard took a quick break from their promised alternating update to focus on the next Major patch. 

Next week, Blizzard will be releasing Diablo Immortal’s first-ever major update – Forgotten Nightmares. Players can expect a new dungeon, a new home for Warbands, a new game mode, a new Warband attribute system, the Season Five Battle Pass, a new Helliquary Boss, and limited-time events. 

Silent Monastery 

Silent Monastery is the newest dungeon to be added to Diablo Immortal. The dungeon is encased in eternal darkness where monsters and demons lurk in the shadows. Players must illuminate some of the temple’s status to weaken enemies and rid the dungeon of these demons. Once players manage to fill the temple with light, the path towards the Ancient Nightmare’s lair will be revealed. Take on the powerful ghoul and collect valuable rewards for purging the temple of the Ancient Nightmare. 

Castle Cyrangar

A major change will be coming to Diablo Immortal’s Warbands called Castle Cyrangar. 

Castle Cyrangar will replace Warband Camps and add two new game modes that players can play once a week or daily. Warband requirements to establish a camp have been removed and the threshold for Warband Helliquary Raids has been reduced from eight to four players. 

In addition, Castle Cyrangar will feature various rooms that will provide passive bonuses to Warband members occupying these rooms. Room bonuses can be improved by using Remnants acquired from purging Castle Cyrangar’s depths. 

Lastly, players can find valuable loot from the Defense of Cyrangar game mode in the form of Ancestral Weapons. These weapons can be placed in the Ancestral Tableau to imbue Attributes to other Warband members. Invocation Gear can also be equipped to trigger Ancestral Weapon abilities. 

Scions of the Storm 

The Season Five Battle Pass called Scions of the Storm will feature 40 ranks of challenges each with their respective loot such as Legendary Gems, Hilts, Aspirant’s Keys, and others. 

As per tradition, the Season Five Battle Pass will offer two paid versions that bring additional loot and bonuses. 

The Empowered Battle Pass will let players keep all the rewards from the normal Battle Pass but add a dedicated Empowered Battle Pass track that offers even more loot. Players can also get the Scions of the Storm Weapon cosmetic and the Scions of the Storm Armor cosmetic at Rank 1 and Rank 40, respectively. 

The other paid Battle Pass, Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass, will let you keep all the rewards from the Empowered Battle Pass plus additional cosmetic items in the Scions of the Storm-themed Avatar Frame and Portal cosmetic. Players will also get a 10-rank head start in the Battle Pass by purchasing the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass. 

Izilech the Misshapen

A new Helliquary Boss has also been added for Season Five. This time around, players will have to go against Izilech the Misshapen – leader of the Wrathborne demons. 

Izilech the Misshapen will fight intruders using a massive bow and flaming arrows from long range. If any of his enemies come close enough, they will be trampled with his large hooves and imprisoned in his special bone prison. 

Players will need a combat rating of at least 6175 to take on Izilech the Misshapen. Talk to Rayek in front of the Einfrinn Tree on October 2 at 3:00 a.m. server time to face the Wrathborne leader. The Wrathborne Crown awaits those brave and powerful enough to face the Misshapen. 

Hungering Moon

The Hunerging Moon event returns for Season Five of Diablo Immortal. This time around, players can complete three tasks daily to acquire Astrolabe Power. The Astrolabe Power will be used to draw a Blessing of Magic which gives players a Magic Find bonus that increases the chance for Rare, Magic, and Legendary items to drop. 

As per usual, players can get Moonslivers from the Hungering Moon event. However, this time, players must draw a Blessing of Might and complete a quick dungeon run to get Moonslivers. 

Moonslivers can be exchanged for various rewards at the Hermit’s Collection. 

Crowned Ones Cosmetic Set

No new update will be complete without a new set of cosmetic items. For Diablo Immortal Season Five, players can purchase the Crowned Ones Standard Cosmetic set from the in-game shop for 1000 Eternal Orbs. 

Haunting Dreams

Diablo Immortal Season Five brings in a host of new content and features that players will definitely love. The major update focused on adding new game modes and mechanics to Warbands in-game. These new features are sure to make Warbands more enjoyable and rewarding. 

As soon as the server maintenance on September 27, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. PDT for Oceania, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe is complete, all the features and content outlined above will go live. For players in the US, the server maintenance will be on September 28 from 1:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. PDT.

You can read the full season five patch notes for Diablo Immortal here.

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