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The Dark Wood hides a pair of powerful bosses.

Diablo Immortal: Forgotten Tower Guide

As you move up in levels in Diablo Immortal other Dungeons that provide a unique and challenging experience will slowly become unlocked. The Mad King’s Breach already gives players a respectable number of loot, but other Dungeons will feature even more rewards after you complete a simple challenge.

The second Dungeon in-game you can unlock in Diablo Immortal is the Forgotten Tower Dungeon in Dark Wood, where two powerful bloodthirsty bosses and a slew of in-game loot await. We have outlined everything you need to know about the Forgotten Tower in this guide.

Forgotten Tower Details

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The Forgotten Tower is located in Dark Wood, which you can access through a portal in the King’s Road south of Westmarch. The Forgotten Tower is a single-floor dungeon with two bosses – Blood Priestess Innaloth and The Countess along with countless monsters you can slay to provide decent XP gains.

Like the Mad King’s Breach, you can expect a ton of XP gains from killing all the monsters in the Forgotten Tower. Valuable Set Items, Battle Points, and the chance to acquire five extra chests await those who complete this Dungeon within the time limit.

Forgotten Tower Rewards

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Every dungeon in Diablo Immortal will feature varying levels of rewards. As the second unlockable Dungeon in the game, the Forgotten Tower has high XP rewards to speed up your character progression in Diablo Immortal.

On top of the decent XP gains, you will be rewarded 15 Battle Points for completing the Dungeon, plus a chance to get one of six different Set Items.

At Hell I and above, expect to get the Mountebank’s Slyness (Untouchable Mountebank Set Boots) and the Storm-Tack of Shal’baas (Belt of War Rags of Shal’baas Set)

At Hell II and above, the Wisdom’s Edge (Neck of Windloft Perfection Set) and the Issatar’s Open Hand (Hands of Issatar Imbued Set) are up for grabs.

Finally, at Hell IV+, you can get the Shepherd and Father (Ring of Shepherd’s Call of Wolves) and The Prisoner (Ring of Feasting Baron’s Pack Set) as drops for completing the dungeon.

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You can even get five bonus Treasure Chests in addition to the ones you find around the Dungeon from completing the Dungeon if you can clear the Dungeon of all monsters in time.

Forgotten Tower Requirements

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The requirements for Forgotten Tower are not too difficult to attain, as this is just the second dungeon you’ll unlock in-game. With that said, you will only need to be at least Level 20 to enter the Forgotten Tower in Diablo Immortal.

Forgotten Tower Strategy

Unlike the Mad King’s Breach’s three-floor layout, the Forgotten Tower opts for a more straightforward single floor full of monsters plus two bosses in Blood Priestess Innaloth and The Countess.


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The enemies found in the Forgotten Tower are easy to defeat. Most of the monsters here are of the Bloodsworn type, such as Bloodsworn Archers, Bloodsworn Priestess, and Ravager Lord, among many other monsters found in the Forgotten Tower.

Keep your Massacre bonus streak going in the Forgotten Tower to get a healthy boost in XP rewards.

Blood Priestess Innaloth

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Despite being a boss-level character, Blood Priestess Innaloth is easily defeated in The Forgotten Tower. Her most disruptive attack will interrupt channeling abilities such as the Barbarian Class’ Whirlwind. She also throws out a U-Shaped rock formation similar to Sir Gorash in The Mad King’s Breach.

Besides these two attacks, the Blood Priestess is pretty easy to deal with in The Forgotten Tower. Keep spamming your skills and collecting those Health Globes to beat the Innaloth.

The Countess

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Like King Leoric, The Countess likes to fight at close range. The Countess will inflict heavy melee damage if you are not careful. Expect a powerful bat swarm attack and a high-damage lunge as The Countess briefly lands after fleeing the battle.

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The most important thing to remember when fighting The Countess is the red streaks on the ground. These deal damage if you come into contact with them and increase in number as The Countess’ HP drops closer to zero.

Blood Priestess and The Countess

Like Mad King’s Breach, The Forgotten Tower will give you lots of XP and rewards thanks to the five bonus chests you can acquire by clearing the Dungeon of monsters within the time limit. Just remember to keep your Massacre streak up to gain bonus XP and clear the monsters as quickly as you can to get the extra chest rewards.

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