Diablo Immortal: Lost Artifacts Zone Event Guide


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The search for Ancient Artifacts begins.

Diablo Immortal: Lost Artifacts Zone Event Guide

Zone Events are Zone-specific activities and challenges that feature their mechanics, rewards, and schedules in Diablo Immortal. Eight Zone Events are in the game now, and more are expected to arrive as more Zones are added.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the Lost Artifacts Zone Event in Diablo Immortal, including how the Zone Event works, event schedules, event location, and the rewards you can expect to get for completing the Zone Event.

Lost Artifacts Zone Event Overview

Lost Artifacts is a Zone Event specific to the Shassar Sea in Diablo Immortal, where you must secure Mysterious Scrolls to find Lost Artifacts. The Lost Artifact must be secured and brought to Calim in Tabri’s Encampment South of the Shassar Sea.

The Zone Event mechanics are pretty simple; you only need to kill monsters around the Shassar Sea until you encounter a Mysterious Scroll. This Mysterious Scroll will point you toward a Lost Artifact’s approximate location within the Shassar Sea.

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Within the location marked in the Mysterious Scroll are Ancient Urns that you must destroy to find a Lost Artifact. The area will have multiple Ancient Urns, so destroy as many as possible to find the Lost Artifact. Be careful, however, as some of the Ancient Urns can also hide enemies such as Rat Kings and Treasure Goblins.

When you find the Lost Artifact, take it to Calim in Tabri’s Encampment to claim event rewards.

Lost Artifacts Zone Event Schedule

The Lost Artifacts Zone Event is available daily at any time. There is no time limit for this Zone Event, and you can turn in as many artifacts as possible to find Calim while in the Shassar Sea.

It is worth noting that Lost Artifact spawn locations are random, which means you might not find a Lost Artifact in the same location where you found one in a previous run. Because of this, the time you spend securing Mysterious Scrolls and finding Lost Artifacts will differ from one run to another.

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With that said, while the general spawn areas for Lost Artifacts are fixed in the Shassar Sea, the Lost Artifact’s location will always depend on the location marked in the Mysterious Scroll.

Lost Artifacts Zone Event Location

The Lost Artifacts Zone Event can be found and completed anywhere in the Shassar Sea.

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The only challenge is finding a Mysterious Scroll. You must kill a random number of enemies to secure one in this Zone Event. After you secure the Mysterious Scroll, you can easily find the Lost Artifact’s location.

Lost Artifacts Zone Event Rewards

Completing this Zone Event allows you to get Gold and Enchanted Dust. Turn in your Lost Artifacts to Calim in Tabri’s Encampment south of the Shassar Sea.

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You will also get XP and random gear in this Zone Event since you need to kill several enemies within the Shassar Sea to find the Mysterious Scroll.

Artifact Collector

Lost Artifacts is one of the simpler Zone Events in Diablo Immortal. You only need to slay random enemies to get Mysterious Scrolls and, by extension, find the Lost Artifacts. This event has no time limit, meaning you can take on the Zone Event at your own pace and time.

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