Diablo Immortal: Mad King’s Breach Guide


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Test your skills against three different bosses in a single fight.

Diablo Immortal: Mad King's Breach Guide

Mad King’s Breach is one of the most popular dungeons in Diablo Immortal that offers one of the highest XP rewards in-game alongside some valuable Set Items that you can acquire from completing this dungeon run in Diablo Immortal.

Mad King’s Breach Details

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Mad King’s breach is located at Ashworld Manor in Ashworld Cemetery. The dungeon is a three-floor dungeon that features one boss per floor – Sir Gorash on the first floor, Manoruk on the second floor, and King Leoric, the Skeleton King himself, on the final floor.

The dungeon itself is relatively small compared to other dungeons in the game, but you can expect a ton of XP gains from killing all the monsters on every floor as well as some decent Set Items and Battle Points.

Mad King’s Breach Rewards

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Every dungeon in Diablo Immortal will feature varying levels of rewards. Mad King’s Breach will give you tons of XP and Set Items depending on the Hell level you’re currently on.

At Hell I and above, expect to get the Torn Sole (Boots of the Grace of the Flagellant Set) and the Mountebank’s Bravado (Belt of Untouchable Mountebank Set)

At Hell II and above, the Issatar at Rest (Neckpiece of the Issatar Imbued Set) and Dozen Strikes of Shal’baas (Hands of War Rags of Shal’baas Set) are up for grabs.

Finally, at Hell IV+, you can get the Fairfleet (Ring of Windloft Perfection Set) and Sheperd and Mother (Ring of the Sheperd’s Call of Wolves Set) as drops for completing the dungeon.

Mad King’s Breach Requirements

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The requirements for Mad king’s Breach aren’t too difficult to attain as this is the first dungeon you’ll unlock in-game. In addition, clearing the Mad King’s Breach is part of the main storyline, which means you cannot skip the dungeon in-game.

With that said, you’ll need to be at least Level 10 to enter the Mad King’s Breach in Diablo Immortal.

Mad King’s Breach Strategy

Mad King’s Breach is a straightforward dungeon filled with monsters that you must clear before each of the three bosses show themselves on each floor.

Below are some tips that you can incorporated in your Mad King’s Breach run so you can breeze through the dungeon faster in Diablo Immortal.


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The Mad King’s Breach is one of the smaller dungeons in Diablo Immortal which means that enemies are spaced closer to each other in the dungeon. In addition, each of the three bosses in the dungeon will regularly spawn multiple smaller monsters to fight alongside them.

Keep your Massacre bonus streak going in the Mad King’s Breach to get a healthy boost in XP rewards.

Sir Gorash

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Sir Gorash will spawn U-shaped walls that trap you in place, which he quickly follows up with a Smash attack. To avoid this, keep a good eye on his Battleaxe, which he will raise to signal an incoming trap wall.

He will also shoot out Arcane Beams that deal damage, but this can easily be avoided since the beam rotates in a fixed axis below Sir Gorash.


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Like Sir Gorash, Manoruk is a relatively easy boss to deal with as long as you have a good idea of the type of attacks he tends to unleash in the fight.

Expect Skull Waves a la bullet hell game and burst AoE denoted by a large circle on the ground just before he unleashes the attack.

Manoruk will spawn multiple mobs as you fight him. Make sure you deal with these monsters first so you don’t take unnecessary damage while focusing on Manoruk.

The Skeleton King

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King Leoric prefers to fight face-to-face with his giant mace, so expect some probing attacks where he closes the distance between you and himself. He will spawn multiple monsters to help with this goal, so deal with the lesser monsters first.

The Skeleton King will also try to shrink the battlefield with burning walls that deal damage over time. Stay close to the throne as this is the only safe space during this phase.

Another thing to remember when fighting against the Skeleton King is his second phase where he calls upon his undead horse and starts spawning walls that deal high Damage over Time. Keep a good eye on his charge attack denoted by a rectangle path on the ground.

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King Leoric The Mad King

Give the Mad King’s Breach a few runs per day if you’re looking for decent XP gains from your Diablo Immortal playtime. Despite featuring three different bosses in a single dungeon run, the Mad King’s Breach is fairly easy to complete as long as you know how each of the bosses behaves in battle.

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