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Diablo Immortal: Perils of the Fen Limited-time Event Guide

Perils of the Fen is a limited-time event introduced in Season 10 of Diablo Immortal. Like previous limited-time events, Perils of the Fen allows players to acquire tons of loot by completing simple tasks around the game.

This guide outlines everything you need about Perils of the Fen limited-time event.

Perils of the Fen Limited-time Event Mechanics

Perils of the Fen is a task-reward Limited-time event where players can complete tasks for various rewards. The limited-time event features milestone rewards that players can acquire manually after completing specific tasks.

At 3 am server time daily, two new tasks will be added to the Perils of the Fen tasks list. The event page will only display up to 6 tasks at any given time. New tasks will only be added after players complete existing tasks.

Make sure to claim any milestone rewards you have earned in the event, as unclaimed milestone rewards will be forfeited when the event ends.

Perils of the Fen Tasks

Players can complete up to 10 tasks in Perils of the Fen.

The first few tasks require players to defeat several monsters in a specific zone. Other tasks involve participating in in-game functions such as Salvaging and completing Bounties.

  • Defeat 15 Monsters in Ashwold Cemetary
  • Defeat 10 Elite Monsters in Ashwold Cemetery
  • Salvage 1 piece of equipment
  • Complete 2 Bounties
  • Collect 5 pieces of equipment
  • Kill 100 monsters

More tasks will be unlocked after you complete any of the tasks listed above.

Perils of the Fen Rewards

Depending on the specific task you complete, you can get varying amounts of the following loot in the Perils of the Fen limited-time event:

  • 2500-5000 Gold per task
  • 15-30 Reinforced Scrap Materials per task
  • 1-2 Beguiling Dust per task
  • 20 Battle Points per task

By completing Perils of the Fen events, players can progress through four Perils of the Fen milestones:

  • 3 Completed Tasks – Mystery Legendary Item
  • 5 Completed Tasks – 3 Crests
  • 8 Completed Tasks – 1 Telluric Pearl
  • 10 Completed Tasks – 1 Legendary Crest

When will Perils of the Fen end?

The Perils of the Fen limited-time event will end on February 16, 2023, at 3:59 am server time. So make sure you complete as many tasks in the event as you can to get as much loot as you can from the event.

Don’t wait until the event page is filled with 6 tasks, as more tasks will not be added until you’ve completed tasks from the existing list.

Rewards for the Brave

Limited-time events such as the Perils of the Fen are a great source of upgrade materials and Gold alongside valuable rewards like Legendary Items and Crests.

The featured tasks are simple enough to complete as well, so make sure you take the time to complete as many tasks as you can so you can get a ton of loot from this limited-time event.

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