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Upgrade your character’s flashy moves.

Diablo Immortal: How to Upgrade Skills

Skills are an important aspect of Diablo Immortal gameplay and separate classes from one another. Each class will feature a completely different Skillset, effectively dictating how you move around the battlefield.

Some classes will play a more head-on approach, such as the Barbarian, while the Necromancer will settle for the back lines and let his summons do most of the fighting for him.

Whichever class you play in Diablo Immortal, it is important to know how to upgrade and improve the effects each Skill carries in-game to maximize your class’ capabilities in-game.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about Upgrading Skills in Diablo Immortal.

How to Unlock Skills

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You need to level up your character to unlock Skills in Diablo Immortal. Skills are automatically unlocked when your character hits a specific level in-game.

You can check all the available movesets and at which groups they are unlocked in the Skills menu in-game.

Skills can level up and increase damage output as they grow. Check the Skills menu in-game to better understand which level your character unlocks new Skills and at which levels they rank up.

How to Upgrade Skills

Skills can gain additional effects or move completely differently in Diablo Immortal. Legendary Gems have the greatest effect on individual Skills as some Legendary Gems can completely alter Skills effects.

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One example is how the Pathraze Legendary Weapon changes the Barbarian’s Whirlwind Skill from a controllable spin that deals Damage Over Time to a quick single-direction spinning dash that deals instant burst damage on contact.

Another way you can upgrade Skills is by using Charms to upgrade some of your Skills’ damage output.

Skill Types in Diablo Immortal

Classes feature two different types of moves in Diablo Immortal – Primary Attacks and Skills.

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Primary Attacks are your class’ ‘normal’ attacks with no cooldown and depend on your class’ Attack Speed and Attack Damage stats for attack frequency and damage output.

Classes will have one or two Primary Attacks that you can choose from, and each of these features a completely different effect when you activate your Ultimate.

Each class will also have a varying set of moves in Diablo Immortal, and all classes will have at least 12 different Skills that can be unlocked, but only four of them can be used at any given time.

Skills will automatically be upgraded as you rank up, but the level at which they are upgraded varies from one Skill to another.

Flashy Moves

Upgrading your Skills is similar to upgrading your character’s Gear in Diablo Immortal. The higher you go, the better the effects and damage output you can get from your class’ Skills in-game.

This ensures you deal maximum damage and inflict more effective effects on your enemies per cooldown, leading to a more efficient dungeon-crawling experience.

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