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Unique and challenging activities await in each Zone in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: Zone Event Guide

Once you complete Diablo Immortal’s main story and reach Level 60, you can start participating in Zone Events. These are activities tied to specific Zones around the Sanctuary that, when completed, give out rewards and other loot and can help you find upgrade materials to help with your endgame grind.

We have listed all Zone Events you can expect to find in Diablo Immortal, including their specific schedules. Additionally, we have shared where to find the Zone Events and the rewards for completing them in this guide.

What is a Zone Event in Diablo Immortal?

Zone Events are zone-specific activities that only spawn at specific times in Diablo Immortal. The game has eight zone events, each with mechanics, schedules, and rewards.

Some Zone Events will spawn only once weekly, while others are available multiple times throughout the week at varying schedules. However, you can switch between Hell Difficulty and redo active zone events at a more challenging difficulty.

Zone Events rewards will vary from one Zone to another. You can expect Gold, Enchanted Dust, and random gear, with a chance of getting a Legendary Item.

You can only unlock Zone Events by finishing Diablo Immortal’s primary story mode, reaching Level 60, and changing the in-game difficulty to Hell 1 or greater.

All Zone Event Schedules, Locations, Rewards, and Mechanics

Each Zone Event has unique mechanics you must complete to earn rewards. Their schedules will also vary.

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Ancient Arena

Ancient Arena is a PvE Zone Event that you can find at the Ancient Arena in Bilefen every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9:30 PM.

To complete this Zone Event, you must defeat other players in the Ancient Arena and kill the Ancient Guardian.

Some notable rewards from this Zone Event include a Random Legendary Item and Enchanted Dust from the Nephalem Cache.

Ancient Nightmare

Ancient Nightmare can be found in the Misty Valley within the Mount Zavain zone in Diablo Immortal every Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 PM, 8:30 PM, and 10:00 PM server time.

To complete the Ancient Nightmare Zone Event, you must defeat Lord Martanos and collect the Zakarum Sigils he drops in battle. Use the Zakarum Sigils at the Altars to weaken the Ancient Nightmare’s shield. Fight against the Ancient Nightmare in Mist Valley and defeat it to get Nilfur’s Precision and Enchanted Dust.

Demon Gates

Demon Gates is a Zone Event that you’ll find in the Realm of Damnation in Diablo Immortal every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday at 12:00 PM, 8:30 PM, and 10:00 PM.

Scour the area to find the Demon Gate. Despite covering the entire Realm of Damnation zone, Demon Gate locations are random, similar to Hidden Lairs. This Zone Event is not tied to a specific area in the Realm of Damnation, meaning you can complete it anywhere. The only way to open a portal through the Demon Gate is with the help of other players.

You can get Gold and Random Quality Gear by completing the Demon Gates Zone event.

Haunted Carriage

Haunted Carriage is one of the most popular Zone Events in Diablo Immortal. This Zone Event is at the Carriage Landing in Ashwold Cemetary every Tuesday and Saturday at 12:00 PM, 8:30 PM, and 10:00 PM.

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Haunted Carriage is a fun Zone Event in Diablo Immortal where you must follow and guard the Haunted Carriage against Undead Guards that spawn at every stop. Once the Haunted Carriage completes its route, you will face off against the Tax Collector. He is a tanky boss character with tons of health.

You can get Enchanted Dust, Random Quality Gear, and a small chance of getting a Legendary Item in this Zone Event.

Purify the Corruption

Purify the Corruption is a Zone Event specific to Dark Wood in Diablo Immortal. You can find this Zone Event anywhere in Dark Wood daily and anytime.

To complete the Purify the Corruption Zone Event, you must fill up a purple meter called the Corruption Meter by killing enemies around the Zone. You can kill the Blood Rose to progress your Corruption Meter significantly. When you finally fill up your Corruption Meter, you will fight against your Shadow Clone at the Tree of Inifus.

You can get two rewards from the Purify the Corruption Zone Event. You’ll get boss rewards from killing the Blood Rose, like Gold, XP, Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge and a Glowing Shard for beating your Shadow Clone.

Lost Artifacts

The Lost Artifacts Zone Event found in the Shassar Sea only requires you to find and collect Mysterious Scrolls around the area. To do this, you must kill random enemies and hope they drop a Mysterious Scroll, which you can use to find the Lost Artifact’s location.

With the Lost Artifact’s location on hand, you must destroy Ancient Urns to find the Lost Artifact and then take it to Calim to claim the Zone Event reward.

You can access Lost Artifacts anytime in Diablo Immortal and it covers the entire Shassar Sea Zone. You can get Gold and Enchanted Dust by completing this Zone Event.

Kulle’s Hidden Chambers

Kulle’s Hidden Chambers is a Zone Event that you’ll find in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. This Zone Event covers the entire Library of Zoltun Kulle area and is available daily at any time.

To complete the Kulle’s Hidden Chambers Zone Event, you must collect Lost Pages scattered across the Zone and use them to spawn Potal Tomes. There are 30 Lost Pages you can find in the Library of Zoltun Kulle, but only five are required to turn Lost Pages into Portal Tomes. Use the Portal Tomes to spawn one of Kulle’s Hidden Chambers. There you must kill hordes of enemies to get Enchanted Dust.

Portal Tomes can sometimes spawn a World Boss in the Fleshcraft Hydra or Sandstone Golem. Defeating either will net you 6x Enchanted Dust, a Legendary Item, or Horadric Vessel.

Call of the Ancients

Call of the Ancients is a Zone Event found in the Ancient Graveyard in the Frozen Tundra. This Zone Event is available daily and anytime and is only limited by your ability to secure Ancient Essence.

You can collect Ancient Essence by killing monsters within the Frozen Tundra. Use Ancient Essence to fill up your Essence Meter. After you fill the Essence Meter, the game will spawn an Ancient Spirit. You must escort the Spirit to the Ancient Graveyard.

Like the Haunted Carriage, you must protect the Ancient Spirit as it makes its way to the Ancient Graveyard. Along the way, Spirit Hunters will spawn, and you’ll need to slay them to get Ancestral Relics. The Ancient Spirit will take and cleanse them once you arrive at the Ancient Graveyard.

You can get Scrap Materials, XP, and Gear of random quality from this Zone Event.

What is the Best Zone Event in Diablo Immortal?

The Haunted Carriage is arguably the best Zone Event in the game, as you can earn up to 6x Enchanted Dust and a chance to get a Legendary Item after you defeat the Tax Collector.

The Haunted Carriage Zone Event is arguably the most fun, where you’ll find yourself running across the entire Ashwold Cemetery Zone as you defend the Haunted Carriage from enemies.

Zone-Specific Activities

Zone Events help give each Zone fun and exciting content to consume in the endgame and can be a great source of upgrade materials such as Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, and Gold, among others. Each event is nicely spaced out throughout the week as well. This means you’ll have tons of content to enjoy throughout an entire week in Diablo Immortal.

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