Your Account is Currently Locked in Diablo IV


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Kicked out of Diablo IV with the Your Account is Currently Locked error? No need to panic.

Your Account is Currently Locked in Diablo IV

Seeing the Your Account is Currently Locked error induces panic in Diablo IV players. However, despite the error’s dire title, the problem isn’t too serious.

If you have recently been kicked out of Diablo IV and faced the Your Account is Currently Locked error, don’t worry. In this quick guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about this common error and listed a few methods to fix the problem.

Why does Diablo 4 say my account is currently locked?

While Blizzard has worked hard to deliver a solid dungeon-crawling experience in Diablo IV, a bug or two in Blizzard’s newest game are to be expected.

Your Diablo IV account might be locked due to server problems.

Turns out Lilith’s influence in the game extends far beyond the confines of the Sanctuary, as players have reportedly been experiencing the Your Account is Currently Locked bug. The bug causes players to be unable to log in or be kicked out while playing the game.

The randomness of the error can be quite frustrating, as there will be instances where you’re breezing through a dungeon in-game when the game kicks you out with Error Code 395002.

Seeing your account Locked onscreen can be very worrying. However, you aren’t locked out of the game for doing anything illegal. This error is a server overload problem that occurs when too many players are trying to log into Diablo IV.

How to Fix the Diablo IV Your Account is Currently Locked Error?

There is no fix for the “Your Account is Currently Locked error in Diablo IV.” It is likely a server-side problem that only Blizzard can fix through an update. That said, you can try some fixes to grant you access to the game.

However, remember that Error Code 395002 can occur randomly in Diablo IV. You might be able to log in to the game, but there’s a chance you’ll be kicked out while playing.

  • Play Diablo IV only during off-peak hours when fewer players try to log in and play the game.
  • Restart your router to reset your connection.
  • Restart the game.
  • Wait until Blizzard issues an update that addresses the problem.

The last ‘fix’ on the list isn’t a fix, but you’ll likely be better off waiting until Blizzard solves the problem rather than taking your chances playing the game and ending up frustrated when the game kicks you out again.

Why can’t I log into Diablo 4?

If your internet connection is working properly, but you still can’t log into Diablo 4, too many players may be trying to enter the game simultaneously. These types of issues can only be fixed by Blizzard themselves.

You can try logging in during off-peak hours or resetting your router to see if that fixes the problem.

Locked Out Of Hell

Bugs and errors like the Your Account is Currently Locked issue in Diablo IV can be unfortunate. Adding that you can’t fix the problem through traditional troubleshooting methods makes things more frustrating.

Your best bet is to wait for Blizzard to fix the problem to get a more permanent and long-term solution to this common Diablo IV issue.

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