Diamond Egg | How to Get Diamond in Adopt Me



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Despite being the most adored and wanted item in Adopt Me, there is not much information on how to get the infamous Diamond egg.

Diamond Egg | How to Get Diamond in Adopt Me

If you are not aware of what the Diamond egg is, it is the same as any other regular egg, except that it has an equal chance of hatching three different legendary pets: Diamond Unicorn, Diamond Dragon, or the Diamond Griffin.

So, it is safe to say that a lot of players want to get their hands on this item. However, getting it is not for the faint of heart! As you will see, a lot of dedication is needed to get the Diamond egg.

How to Get a Diamond Egg – Adopt Me

The Diamond egg was introduced back in March of 2020 in the Star Rewards update. This update was the biggest one for Adopt Me, since its launch.

It introduced a whole new system for rewards, where players would receive stars for daily objectives. On top of that, players must remain a solid log-in streak to obtain them. In other words, you have to login each day, for a set number of days in order to get a particular reward.

How do you unlock the Diamond egg? You have to login for 390 days straight, and muster up at least 660 stars to get it. Nevertheless, the difficulty doesn’t stop there.

As if that wasn’t hard enough, the developers set it in a way that you must first acquire the golden egg with 180 days login streak and 660 stars. When you get it, your login streak doesn’t reset, but your stars do.

In theory then, you need about 1320 stars to get the Diamond egg, and not miss a login for 390 days. Basically, it’s an impossible task, hence why I said that it is not for the faint of hearted.

This was a method that developers came up with in order to keep the players engaged in the game, and whether it is difficult or not, it is still rewarding. One must ask though, is all of this worth it?

Are so many consistent login days worth it for the Diamond egg? In all honesty, probably not. With far less played hours and days, you could get more valuable rewards than the ones in the Diamond egg.

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