Did You Catch the Last of Us Part II Cameo in the Series Finale?



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We all knew that original Ellie actress Ashley Johnson was going to make a cameo in The Last of Us finale as Ellie’s mother, but fans had no idea that another actress from TLOU Part II made a cameo as well.

Did You Catch the Last of Us Part II Cameo in the Series Finale?

As confirmed by co-showrunner Neil Druckmann, Laura Bailey, who plays the antagonist Abby in The Last of Us Part II, has a cameo as one of the nurses in the room where Ellie was supposed to be killed. Here’s his post:

Some fans are also looking at one person running in the scene who was supposedly wearing a braid, and they also speculate that it’s supposed to be the in-universe Abby. Check out this post:

With Neil Druckmann hinting at meeting a younger Dina in the Jackson episode, it’s not really a surprise that we would get a look at Abby in this first season. At some point, I was actually expecting the series to introduce us to a young Abby early in the episode.

While the people who have played The Last of Us Part II know exactly who Abby is, I don’t really want to get into specifics for anyone who hasn’t check it out. All we really need to know is she’s Ellie’s antagonist in the game, and she’s another capable fighter in this world of Cordyceps.

The series had taken some liberties with the original story of the game, and we should expect more with the sequel. I’m just crossing my fingers they manage to flesh out Abby as well as they do with Ellie.

For now, catch the complete first season of The Last of Us now streaming on HBO Max.

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