Dirt 5 Playground Trailer Shows Off User-Generated Arenas


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Dirt 5 is finally here and it looks like a casual gamer’s paradise in every sense of the word. Codemasters surely decided to go big on the 2020 sim racing and went wild with all the new updates. While taking the arcade style driving on a whole new level, we are being provided an absolutely advanced gaming experience.

Dirt 5 Playground Trailer Shows Off User-Generated Arenas

The stimulating user-generated arenas

dirt 5 gameplay

Speaking of the exclusive arcade gaming, we can easily conclude that this kind of work has never been seen before in the previous series. One look at the game and your eyes will be captivated by the new bright and diverse visual pallet.

On a side note, we will also be encountering a new dynamic weather and season system while playing the game. We’ll have the advantage of dealing with amazingly accurate constructed virtual sandstorms, blizzards and thunderstorms. The dynamic side of the update means that the weather disasters may occur unexpectedly. While driving under a relatively clear sky one minute, you are very likely to find yourself facing a thunderstorm the very next.

One of the most groundbreaking update in Dirt 5 would have to be the course creator mode. You will have the ability of creating and designing the playground on which you’d want to have your railing displayed. Alongside the racing, now you can also indulge in the game with exploring your creativity.

You can have the pleasures of creating gymkhana gatecrasher or smash attack courses, while setting your own challenges, adding obstacles and whatever else you set your heart on, while crafting the course’s layout. We will also be granted the chance of sharing our bespoke personal courses with the whole rally sim community. With this sandbox mode, players will certainly have a hard time putting the controller down, or getting their hands off the keyboard, depending on the platform of choice since the game is going to be available on PC, PS4 or XBOX ONE and PS5, XBOX SERIES X AND SERIES S later on.

Numerous additional fresh and exciting updates

dirt 5 cover

The all new updates are not stopping here. Regarding the career mode details, what we know of now, there will be 130 events and nine race types. You are promised 13 freshly added unique car classes, including fierce sporty beauties like the Porsche 911 rgt. We will also be able to play multiplayer mode in split screen co-op, supporting up to 4 players per game.

Taking the all new features into account (especially the user-generated arenas), Dirt 5 defiantly has a bright future in the world of racing games. It seems to have insane potential for a place in the top 10 racing games of 2020. We simply can’t await for our adrenalin level to rise while playing this vibrant arcade masterpiece!

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