Does Wasteland 3 Have Fast Travel?



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It’s an important question to answer. Does Wasteland 3 have fast travel? Being one of the biggest RPGs out right now, with many open-world possibilities, one would assume that fast travel is a must.

Does Wasteland 3 Have Fast Travel?

This squad-based game’s plot is instantiated in the cold and snowy Colorado. Such missions require you to travel a lot, and certain items are located far on the map. Fast travel will help a lot. However, the developers of Wasteland 3 disagree.

Fast Travel In Wasteland 3

There is no fast travel in Wasteland 3. The developers felt like this is a better move because they wanted to make the game more challenging for players. That meant having no fast travel in any sense of the word.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any travel options in the game. For example, the Kodiak mechanic, something they’ve implemented in the game, has been quite impressive. Instead of walking to your locations, you can drive your heavily armored vehicle across the world.

Another way would be with calling for a tow. This can be done by pressing on the top of the screen on the radio interface. Sadly, with the tow option, you can only return to Colorado Springs.

Players can understand why inXhile chose to go this route. This way, the integrity of the game is saved. Furthermore, the challenge that comes with traveling this world on foot or in your vehicle is an exciting way to speak to its players.

For example, when traveling the map, you get random interactions with strangers, which almost always end in a brawl. Developers didn’t want to diminish this. The majority would agree that that is reasonable.

Lastly, there is a chance that fast travel will come only to the PC. Being an open mod community, it is almost sure that this is inevitable. However, this would only benefit those who have already finished the game and want to go at it again.

As for console players, sadly, there is no plan by the developers in adding this feature.

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