Does Worms Rumble Have Cross-Play?


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The newest addition to the Worms series is finally here, and it is far better than ever before. The developers took a whole different approach with their newest installment, making it much more fun, interesting, and graphically pleasing.

Does Worms Rumble Have Cross-Play?

Instead of a turn-based combat, Worms Rumble now supports real-time combat, with a lot of movement, in tiny arenas with up to 32 players. If that isn’t a recipe for fun, I don’t know what is.

But one thing has been on the minds of its players. That is the question on whether or not Worms Rumble has cross-play.

Is Worms Rumble Cross-Play?

Thankfully, Worms Rumble has full cross-play capabilities, on the platforms it is released on, i.e. PS4, PS5, and PC!

is worms rumble crossplay

For now, there is not much to go on whether or not this game will be coming to the Xbox console, or even the Nintendo Switch.

Worms (Series) History

In the Worms series, we have seen many games which were available for the Xbox, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Games like W.M.D, Worms Battlegrounds, and many more were both supported for PS and Xbox, and W.M.D was also available for the Nintendo.

Worms Rumble Future

That is all to say that these kinds of games are optimizable for multiple platforms. For now, this game will remain only for PS and PC, but no one can predict what the future holds.

Nonetheless, Team17 – Worms Rumble’s developers, have been pretty inconsistent as we see on the platforms that they optimize their game on.

The main reason I’m saying this is to say that we can’t really predict if they plan to add more platforms in the future, but I can safely say that it’s highly unlikely.

worms rumble crossplay

From what I can gather, I’m guessing that the Worms franchise either didn’t pull many players from Xbox and Switch, or it requires much more unnecessary development to get this game to these platforms.

Whatever it is, let’s hope that they expand the pool of consoles or systems that support this game. Nevertheless, at least there is some cross-play functionality which does help with matchmaking!

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