A Beginner’s Guide to Dragonary



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You are probably familiar with Dragonary and how to begin free playing. The next part of the journey is mastering the game and conquering other players so you can earn many tokens from it. As with most NFT crypto games, Dragonary takes a lot of practice and patience to master. To help you get started in the game, we created this beginner’s guide to Dragonary!

A Beginner's Guide to Dragonary

Master The Elements

Each of the dragons you get in Dragonary will carry elemental attributes. You must balance out your team’s elements to gain the upper hand over your opponents. Each Dragonary element is a special class as it focuses on what the dragon is capable of in combat. In total, there are seven elements that you need to know.

  • Earth – Earth dragons are the most durable ones in the game. They have the highest raw defense and are meant to serve as the team’s tank.
  • Fire – Fire dragons are the best damage dealers in Dragonary. While they can deal heavy damage, they lack a lot in terms of durability, so make sure to put them in the back.
  • Air – Air dragons are meant to be the main healers in Dragonary. They have abilities that help buff up and sustain dragons during a fight.
  • Electric – Electric dragons are like Fire but focus mainly on ranged combat. Most dragons in this element can usually make their attacks bounce from one enemy to the next.
  • Water – Water dragons provide your team with buffs that help sustain them during a fight. Compared to Air dragons, they are mostly focused on generating shields instead of healing.
  • Ice – Ice dragons are also DPS dragons. What’s different about them is that they have lower damage output but are more durable than Fire and Electric dragons.
  • Plant – Plant dragons are the jack-of-all-trades in Dragonary. They offer balanced stats and abilities.

Your Dragonary team will be made of up to five dragons. You must pick the elements of your dragons well so you have a perfectly balanced team. At the start of your journey, having at least one tank, one support, and one DPS dragon is recommended inside your party. However, you should feel free to mix and match as you go.

Play Through History

It can be exciting to jump into PVP mode as soon as possible, but that is not a good idea. For one, you can not jump into PVP until you meet certain requirements. Another is that you will be wasting your time unless you have a good team and the right strategies. The good news is there are many ways to train and improve at Dragonary.

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You will want to play through History mode at the start of your journey. Aside from teaching you the ropes of Dragonary, this mode will also net you amazing rewards. Most importantly, it is a place to begin practicing your tactics while training your first dragons.

Positioning Matters

The alignment of your dragon team matters very much in Dragonary. You will first have to consider your team’s layout in battle before you begin playing the game. To do this, go to Cave and then to Barracks. From there, you can see that you can adjust your main party’s positions during fights. This is a very important part of the game which you should not skip out on.

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Ideally, you will want your tank dragons upfront and your damage-dealing dragons at the back. By placing them in front, you will have them absorb most of the damage while those in the backline begin dealing it to the enemy. You can determine this by checking out which dragons have the highest defense and which has the highest health pool.

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Ideally, you will also want your healer to stay behind your tank. Doing so will prevent any damage from going to your healer in the first place. Keeping the healer alive is much more important than having your DPS around, as once your healer gets decommissioned, you will have no means to sustain yourself in battle anymore.

Train Your Dragons

You will want to give your dragons love throughout Dragonary. You can train them and increase their stats through leveling. The best way to level your dragons early on is by going through the PVE segment of Dragonary. It will be more than enough to get through these dungeons, even if you are using your starting three common dragons.

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The PVE segment of the game is a good area to practice your strategies in Dragonary. This will also be a good time to test your team’s synergy. Instead of fighting the game automatically, take control of your team first. What is good is you do not suffer any consequences just in case you lose in this aspect of the game.

Dragonary is a good free-to-play NFT game that can net you good rewards. It will be a tough journey, especially if you are a free-to-play player. Eventually, you may want to purchase better dragons in the game. While the game is yet to boom, it would be wise to consider investing in rare dragons as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoyed this beginner’s guide to Dragonary. Let us know in the comments about your experience in the game!

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