Dust 2 Smokes You Should Know (T-Side)


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Dust 2 is probably the most iconic and recognizable map of any tactical FPS game.

Dust 2 Smokes You Should Know (T-Side)

Almost everyone has played at least one round of Counter-Strike during their lives. The franchise has been around for such a long time that its fourth game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Of all the maps featured in the various iterations of Counter-Strike throughout the years, Dust 2 is probably the most famous map in the franchise’s history, where thousands of hours have been played throughout the years.

Smoke setups, pop-flashes, run-boosts, you name it – have already been done on Dust 2 before. Thanks to the insane number of games played on CSGO’s iconic map, smoke setups are likewise plentiful in Dust 2, where there is a lineup for almost every occasion.

Brush up on your Dust 2 smoke lineups by learning some of the featured ones below!

The CSGO Smoke Grenade


The Smoke Grenade is an incredibly valuable piece of utility in CSGO, often used to block off enemy sightlines and angles within a bomb site. It is a powerful tool that can help your team enter and take control of bomb sites with ease.

The smoke grenade bounces a few times before it detonates. The number of times a smoke grenade bounces before it settles is dictated by the angle and the type of throw the player uses (right-click/left-click/jump-throw.)

14 13

Another excellent use for the CSGO Smoke Grenade is thawing out Incendiary Grenades or Molotovs. When thrown directly at Molotovs or Incendiary grenades, the Smoke Grenade acts as an instant extinguisher for the ensuing fires.

CSGO Smoke Grenades can be purchased within the buy period for 300 credits. When placed in the ideal locations, they can cover an area large enough to block player vision during site entry and defense.

Since the recent major update to CSGO, unused grenades can now be dropped and picked up by any player in-game.

1. Dust 2 A-Site: A-Long Corner Smoke

1 14

A-Long Corner is where most first-contacts happen in Dust 2, with the other area being middle doors.

T-Side players are at the mercy of any CT player holding Long Doors with an AWP. Holding Long Doors as a CT player with the AWP is easy since T players always swing out the same distance to peek out of the double doors.

To counter this, a simple Long Corner smoke is a necessary lineup for T-Side to gain access to A-Long.

  1. Look for these boxes at Outside Long:
2 17

2. Stand in the corner between the boxes:

3 14

3. Aim for the fourth Cornice on the Long Doors roof:

image 97

4. Drag your mouse upward until it is an inch off of the Cornices:

image 98

5. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 99

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land at the Long Corner area and provide cover from Long Corner AWP players:

image 100

2. Dust 2 A-Site: CT Spawn Smoke From Long Doors

image 101

To get to Dust 2’s A-Site, T-Side players will have to push through the initial Long Corner defensive effort by the CTs and then make their way across CT Spawn on their way to A-Site.

Rotating CT players often take the CT Spawn route to get to the A-Site, and some might even be holding out from within CT Spawn itself.

To ensure that you and your teammates make it through A-Cross without a scratch, here is a quick CT Spawn Smoke from Long Doors that covers the entire CT Spawn area:

  1. Look for these decorated concrete blocks outside of Long Doors:
4 22

2. Align yourself with the middle line:

5 13

3. Look for this small ledge on the wall:

image 102

4. Crouch while aiming at the top right corner of the ledge:

image 104

5. Let go of the crouch button but keep your mouse steady, then left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 105

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should bounce off the adjacent walls a few times before it finally settles at CT Spawn:

image 106

3. Dust 2 A-Site: A-Cross Running Smoke

image 107

While the CT Spawn smoke is an excellent lineup for most situations, an A-Cross smoke is even better at isolating the CT Spawn and Elevator area.

The Elevator and Under A area are common CT spots that CTs use to catch T-Side players off guard. A simple running smoke from A-Long addresses this problem.

  1. Stand between this barell and the wall:
image 108

2. Turn around and aim a little to the right of this corner of the wall:

Untitled design 4

3. Run forward until you reach this part of the shadow on the floor:

2 5

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade while running:

image 109

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should settle in the middle of A-Cross:

image 110

4. Dust 2 A-Site: A-Short One-Way for Car/Ramps

image 111

For an A-Site take to be most effective, some T players might split up from the main A-Long group to make their way through A-Short.

At least one CT player often guards A-Short since this area is a great vantage point that counters the CT Spawn/Elevator running smoke for CTs.

Once T players gain access to A-Short, a few CT players might still be holding from Car and Ramp/A-Site. This one-way smoke will give you the advantage against the Car player and Ramps player:

  1. Go to this corner at A-Short Stairs:
image 113

2. Place your crosshair between the gap between the box and the wall and aim for the middle line on top of the stairs wall:

Untitled design 1 1

3. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 115

The Smoke Grenade should provide a one-way view of the Car and provide cover from CT players holding from A-Site and Ramps when done correctly.

image 116

5. Dust 2 Middle: CT Spawn Smoke From Catwalk

image 112

Middle control in Dust 2 is crucial as it gives T players flexibility in their bombsite choice.

If your team chooses to go for the B-site flank through the middle, this smoke lineup from Catwalk will cover all of CT Spawn so that your team can cross towards B-site safely.

  1. Look for this gate at Catwalk:
6 16

2. Align yourself with the center of the two gates:

7 16

3. Turn around and look towards this wall at Middle Doors:

image 117

4. Aim for the bottom right corner of this dark spot:

Untitled design 2 1

5. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 118

The Smoke Grenade should bounce off the wall and eventually settle in front of CT Spawn when done correctly.

image 119

6. Dust 2 Middle: Mid Box Smoke

image 120

A Mid Box smoke is essential if your team takes the Lower Tunnels route towards Dust 2 Middle.

Lower Tunnel players will not be granted an easy hall pass through the middle, though, since CT players holding A-Short will make it a point to check Catwalk and Lower Tunnels frequently.

This quick smoke lineup for Mid Box takes away the CT’s vision towards Lower Tunnel and can help grant your team a safe cross towards the middle.

Supplement the Mid Box smoke with the previous Catwalk CT Spawn Smoke lineup to cover CT Spawn.

  1. Go to this corner at T-Spawn:
8 10

2. Turn around and aim for this left tip on the roof:

image 121

3. Move your mouse to the left until it’s almost in line with this corner of the main building:

Untitled design 3 1

4. Jump-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 123

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should settle nicely on top of the Middle Box and cover the CT’s vision towards Lower Tunnels:

image 125

7. Dust 2 B-Site: B-Site Platform Smoke

image 126

The B-Site Platform is the preferred spot of CT AWP and SSG 08 players since it gives a direct and easy angle against T-Side players making their way towards the B-Site.

With this in mind, it is important to smoke off the Platform area and cut down the CT players’ sightlines upon T-Side’s B-Site entry.

  1. Look for this column inside Upper Tunnels:
9 10

2. Align yourself with the middle of the column:

10 15

3. Turn around, look up, and aim for the middle of this gap on the Tunnel ceiling:

image 128

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 129

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land in front of the B-Site Platform and cover the CT’s vision towards Tunnels:

image 130

8. Dust 2 B-Site: Double Boxes Smoke

image 96

T players will want to cut down on CT players’ number of angles while defending B-Site.

This simple B-Entrance smoke is one quick smoke lineup that takes care of multiple angles (B-Window, Platform, Car) upon site entry. T players can opt to get on top of the box just outside of Tunnels to get a good view of the rest of the B-Site.

Admittedly, this smoke is not perfect and will require a few pop-flashes upon site entry to give your team the best chance of taking B-site safely.

  1. Stand against the same column as the previous lineup in B-Tunnel:
11 6

2. Aim for this dark spot on the Tunnel Entrance’s wall:

Untitled design 4 1

3. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

12 7

A quick and easy smoke lineup for B-site entry:

13 5

Get on top of the boxes to gain vision over B-site:

14 11

9. Dust 2 B-Site: B-Site Window Post-Plant Smoke

15 4

This last smoke lineup is best used in post-plant situations where your team already has the bomb planted.

B-Window is one of the few angles where rotating CT players will be coming from in retake situations, the other angle being B-site Doors.

To buy your team more time and minimize the angles your team has to hold on post-plant, here is a quick and easy B-Window smoke lineup from Upper Tunnel.

  1. Look for this dark patch on the B-Tunnel Entrance wall:
16 5

2. Hug the wall while keeping yourself centered with the dark patch:

18 4

3. Turn towards the tall tower behind the B-Window area:

image 131

4. Aim for the middle of the tower’s roofline:

Untitled design 5

5. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

19 7

The Smoke Grenade should land nicely on top of the B-Default Boxes and cover the B-Window area:

image 132

It’s Not Just Smokey, It’s Dusty, Too!

You will want to use most of these smokes around Dust 2, especially when playing on the T-Side. Site entry without smoke lineups on Dust 2 as a T player can be difficult as there will be too many angles to check and clear as you make your way towards the bomb site.

Smokes do a great job covering certain spots and angles to help your team secure spaces around Dust 2. As a T-Side player, smokes lineups are crucial if you want your team to make it to the bomb sites in one piece.

Hopefully, these lineups will be helpful when you are out on Dust 2 as a T player. These smokes will, without a doubt, help you bring more value to your team on T-Side.

Remember to bring your gas masks, though, since Smoke and Dust are not healthy for your lungs. cough

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