Escape From Tarkov when is next wipe?


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Wipes are complete, total, game-wide account resets. All of your stash, hideout, and character skills will be reset to day-1. You will be given your account’s starting items again (based on which version of the game you own) but that’s all.

Escape From Tarkov when is next wipe?

What do I lose?

Everything. Your stash, your inventory, your skills, your hideout progress. Everything gets reset.

What do I keep?

You don’t keep anything, but you are given another set of the items you received at the beginning of the game. These items are based on what version of the game you own.

Why are there wipes in EFT?

Escape From Tarkov is still in development and has shown steady changes since its release including massive overhauls to ballistics and even a complete change of how players die. Because of these massive changes,

EFT needs to perform wipes in order to have players test every angle of the game. If there wasn’t a wipe after the health and damage rework, we wouldn’t know how effective early-game weapons really are against one another. And if there wasn’t a wipe after introducing the Flea Market, we wouldn’t have been able to see how the market naturally develops.

Wipes also serve a secondary function that is more relevant to us as players than it is to the devs. Currently, the Flea Market is absolutely full of cheap weapons and medical kits and ammo. After a wipe, all of that changes.

Everybody starts at level 1 and people haven’t had a chance to corner the market. More people, even players will a lot of money, will be running around with incomplete builds and low-level gear simply because there isn’t a massive backlog on the Flea Market of stuff to buy. This makes wipes the perfect time for new players to get introduced to the game without having to worry about fully-kitted veterans walking all over them every game.

When is the next wipe?

If you’re reading this as its posted: The short answer? We don’t know. The long answer is that a lot of rumors are pointing towards the summer of 2020 as the next wipe. We are slated to see a massive audio overhaul in the future as well as a number of possibly game-changing new items

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