Shoreline Map Guide : Escape From Tarkov Beginners Guide


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Shoreline is one of the larger maps in Escape From Tarkov, and has a wide variety of major locations ranging from the deserted beach with its long open sight lines, to the close-quarters of the resort.

Shoreline Map Guide : Escape From Tarkov Beginners Guide

The western side of the shoreline map has 4 major locations :

  • The Swamp
  • The Village
  • Villa
  • Scav Island

Ultimate Shoreline Map Guide

The Swamp

Starting in the north-west corner of the map, we have the swamp. The swamp is a low loot, and low traffic area. Most of the buildings can’t be entered or have nothing in them, and the entire area is riddled with swamp water that’ll make noise and slow you down if you wade through it. The church does have some loot, but the area is pretty exposed from most angles.

the swamp
  • Pockets of swamp water litter the area, they blend in with the ground very well and stepping in them will not only cause a considerable amount of notice, but will also slow you dramatically.
  • The swamp is cut off from the rest of the map by a hill on all sides. This embankment means that people far away from the swamps have no chance of seeing into it, but the area between the hill line and the town itself is wide and completely exposed. Crossing can be very dangerous.

The Village

the village

Further south from the swamp, we have the village. The village is large, consisting of multiple houses and a few store fronts. In total there’s a few cash registers and a large number of scattered loose loot spawns. However, the location also sees pretty heavy scav patrols and the westernmost side is a player-scav extraction point.

  • Basically every building and garage in this area contains a jacket or toolbox. These not only have a consistent spawn of various miscellaneous items, but can also spawn a number of high-value items like lab access cards.
  • Doors spawn closed, and scavs will rarely enter houses. If you see an open door or hear footsteps in a building, that’s a player.
  • It’s possible to get on a number of rooftops in this area, especially wherever you see a wooden fence. If you find any large object (tires, boxes, a dumpster) near a wooden fence, you can probably climb up to it and run atop the fences.

The Villa

the villa

Just to the east of the village is the villa, a large private residence with a pair of buildings and a large brick wall. The main buildings have a massive amount of loot available, and there’s about 4 ways into the central yard. However, there’s only really 2 ways out of the villa and one of them requires having raised your skills to make a special jump.

  • The front gate always spawns closed, and scavs will rarely open it unless they’re chasing somebody.
  • The buildings have wooden floors, and running on them is VERY loud. You might not realize it if you’re inside, but everyone in the area will.

Scav Island

scav island
Scav Island Location

Finally, the southwestern corner of the map has what’s referred to as scav island. Scav island is a small island with a small house and a pair of tool sheds. The island is named such because while it’s usually clear of enemies, multiple groups of scavs can spawn and patrol on the island. The only way in and out of the island is the wrecked ship that bridges it and the mainland.

  • There’s a large weapon case in the house, and loose loot in the tool sheds.
  • The ship is devoid of loot, and makes a LOT of noise when you run on it. Even walking at full speed can give you away to someone down the road.

Power Station

power station
Power Station Location

The Power Station forms its own section in the center of the map, as it’s the only way to cross the river without going a considerable distance north or south. The Bus Terminal sits between the Power Station and the Resort, which I’ll talk about later. The power Station sits squarely in the center of the map, just a ways down the river south of the resort.

  • The station serves as a bridge across the river.
  • Multiple groups of scavs can spawn in and patrol the station, but they don’t wander very far. Waiting and watching the station from a distance will usually allow you to snipe the scavs from relative safety.
  • There’s a pair of weapon crates and a grenade box out front by the sandbags.
  • The power station buildings have several tool boxes and other loose loot spawns.

Bus Terminal

bus terminal

The Bus terminal sits just to the northwest of the power station and just south of the resort. The terminal itself only has a bit of loot, and nearly always spawns scavs. Approaching from the treeline can be dangerous, as the scavs will see you as soon as you see them.

  • A cash register, and a weapon case are the primary loot options here
  • Scavs won’t wander out of the fence parameter, but they will patrol in and around the buildings.
  • The entire area here can be sniped at from the roof of the resort westwing

The southern portion of the map, beginning just east of scav island, contains three notable locations. Starting with the burning gas station.

The Gas Station

image 21 1024x445 1

This gas station will always have at least one pod of scavs patrolling around scattered between the parking lot and the beach in front of it.

  • You can run through the fire to access a room inside the gas station that has 3 weapon crates and a safe. If you decide to run through the fire, make sure to have healing supplies before you do. If you don’t heal before running through the fire on the way out, you stand a good chance of blacking out your legs.
  • To the east of the gas station, just across the river, there is a stone outcrop that overwatches the entire gas station area.

The Pier

the pier

The Pier is just to the south of the burning gas station. This Pier sometimes has scavs, and is also home to both a PMC and a scav extract.

  • There are several cash registers in the lobby, and a pair of safes and computers on the second floor.
  • You can enter either from the front doors, or through a side entrance to the right of the lobby.
  • Some of the windows on the second floor are already cracked and broken, getting too close will cause glass to fall.
  • Scavs can spawn in and around the entirety of the pier, including the offices.

Weather Station

The weather station is to the north east of both the Pier and the gas station. The weather station is not only a point of interest in itself, but it also serves as a great navigational aid due to its height.

  • The easiest approach is from the north, but careful climbing can get you up some of the rockfaces on the other sides of the station.
  • Scavs can spawn in the yard of the weather station, usually patrolling within the fence line.
  • This site has a pair of weapon crates and a grenade case, as well as a handful of loose loot inside the office.
the resort
health resort inside

The fourth portion of the map worth mentioning is only one location, The Resort. The resort sits in the north and consists of three large multi-floored buildings connected to one another with very large glass-walled hallways. While there is an incredible amount of loot to be had in this area, most of it is behind locked doors. The resort in general is highly contested, and can be entered from virtually every direction.

  • If you’re looking to get a few keys so you can run the resort, room keys to look out for are West Wing room 203, 216, 218(or 221), 219 and 220.
  • 218 and 221 are actually connected through their balconies, so grabbing either key will grant access to both. But carrying both can open up some interesting options in a firefight.
  • You can also look to get keys for the East Wing, if so, keys you’ll want to keep an eye out for are the East Wing rooms 206, 205, 218, 221, 222, 226, 306, and 308.
  • Several of these rooms are connected. Room 206 is connected to 205, 218 to 221, 222 to 226, and 306 is connected to 308. Acquiring they key to any of a pair of these rooms will also grant you access to the room connected to it.
  • Even without keys, room 321 on the third floor of the east wing is an extremely valuable target. Room 321, also called the marked room, features a heavy amount of occult decoration and a number of weapon cases, as well as a ritual circle that can spawn any manor of high-value items.
  • Both the second and third floors of each wing has at least one hole in the floor, that allows both vision and a quick escape in an emergency.
  • One final note. If you enjoy playing dangerously, or avoiding a fight at all costs, you can actually perform a lot of super risky balcony parkour. Falling usually won’t kill you outright, but you’ll annihilate your legs when you hit the ground. The Resort Utility Key can open doors that are useful for getting into other rooms via the balconies.

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