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There’s a lot of loot in Escape From Tarkov, and the time you spend on deciding what to keep in the middle of a raid can absolutely get you killed.

Escape From Tarkov : What Items To Keep & Sell

Generally, the less time you spend staring at your backpack the better, and so I’m here to help you out with understanding what items to keep as a new player, what to sell to the NPC traders, and what is best kept for the Flea Market.

What Items to keep in Escape From Tarkov

As a new player these are the items you’ll want to keep your hands on for use later in the field.

  • guns, generally in this order

Pistols<pistol carbines<shotguns<full-auto SMGs<semi-auto rifles< full-auto rifles
with full auto rifles being the most valuable and pistols being the least

-Medical Supplies
-Auxiliary gear (headphones, helmets, rigs, bags)
(Note that food should just be eaten in the raid and it’s really not worth taking home)

What items to sell in Escape from Tarkov?

Selling your items properly is arguably the most important part of EFT, and much more important that knowing what gear you should even keep.

What should I sell?

Some items sell for a lot more to traders than they do to other players, keep an eye out especially for :

  • Keys (dorm and office keys tend to be worth more to therapist, while anything out of the ordinary like marked Key, or the various military keys sell in the flea market)
  • Bolts/screws/light bulbs and other upgrade items sell for usually 10k or more on the flea market per item, rare items like corrugated tubing sells for even more
  • Weapon lights, lasers, sights, and suppressors all sell at a decent rate to traders or in the flea market depending on the item. usually a better rate than the whole gun
  • Graphics Cards, LEDEX, Bitcoin, Skulls, and Rollers are all very valuable both to NPCs and in the flea market.

What are the best barter item to keep?

I’ll be focusing on level 1 trades since this list is meant to be short and help out new players.

  • Rechargeable batteries can be traded with Skier for an adar
  • 2 duct tape trades for a car first aid kit with therapist
  • matches trade with therapist for painkillers but can also be sold on the flea market
  • 5 T-shaped plugs can be traded with prapor for an smg
  • A damaged hard drive gets you a backpack from peacekeeper
  • 8 scav knives will get you an MP5 from peacekeeper
  • 2 zibbo lighters will get you a grenade from peacekeeper (especially useful before you have flea market)

I hope this quick list helps you decide what to keep and what to drop on the fly, and more importantly helps you maximize your in game profits. Stay safe in Tarkov.

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