Evil Genius 2 Mac Version: Is it Available



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Games such as Evil Genius 2, GTA, Hitman, and similar, allow us to be the bad guy for once. While these games might be so enjoyable, the issue is that not all platforms are compatible, which means that there is a chance where you might not be able to play the game. The successor to the first Evil Genius is here, and so many like to jump in on the action as fast as possible.

Evil Genius 2 Mac Version: Is it Available

However, many are wondering whether they can play it on a Mac, or is it only a Windows compatible game?

Can You Play Evil Genius 2 On a Mac?

Unfortunately, Evil Genius 2 is not available on the Mac, and it is a Windows-only game. Still, this is not to say that there aren’t any ways which you can enjoy the game on a Mac.

For one, virilization allows Mac users to use and play games that are only available on Windows, from their Mac computer. However, to play this game on your Mac, you would have to get some sort of software, which will allow you to install Windows on your Mac.

Before you get overwhelmed, this would not do anything to your MacOS. You simply create a Windows virtualized machine, but technically, you’re still running MacOS on your system.

One of the best virtualization programs on a Mac is Parallels. They also have some great guides for setting up your virtualization machine properly.

The other way one can play Evil Genius 2 on a Mac is by using Wine. Wine is a platform, from which Linux and Mac users can play certain games or programs that are only available on Windows.

However, this way, the game is not yet available on Wine. The developers slowly work on making games compatible on such operating systems, but that usually takes time, and not all games are necessarily available.

It is unfortunate that Evil Genius 2 isn’t officially compatible with Mac or Linux, since the game seems exceptionally made. Still, it was the same case with its predecessor.

Whether there will be more platforms that are added in the future is highly unlikely, but there is not much evidence to go on.

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