Evil Genius 2: How to Remove Listening Device



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Running your covert operation behind the scenes is no easy task. You’re forced to deal with agents coming at you from left, right, and center. These agents will do everything in their power to expose your covert operation, and stop you from ultimately reaching World Domination. One thing they know how to do best is spy on you using any means necessary.

Evil Genius 2: How to Remove Listening Device

Because of that, the agents will leave behind listening devices in order to hopefully catch you and listen to your every word. But how do you destroy these listening devices, and where do you find them?

Removing Listening Devices – Evil Genius 2

When playing the game, you expect the listening devices to be well hidden and not able to see them clearly. Plus, we pictured them much different than they actually are.

The listening devices left by the agents are big red-light emitting circles that are placed high on the walls. Expected a pen with a microphone? So did we.

In any case, destroying them is easy. Simply click on the listening device, and then hit Destroy.

It doesn’t take that much to destroy fifteen, as I’m guessing that you had that objective. Simply look for red light devices on the walls which will blink. These are the listening devices.

In the future, be weary of them because the agent will place them from time to time. They aren’t that detrimental for your operation, but still, they must be taken care of.

Some of these minor details are overlooked in the game’s tutorial. Evil Genius 2 pretty much leaves you to deal with hundreds of agents with little to no training. However, it is a progressive game, and most of the mechanics are straightforward.

Since its release, Evil Genius 2 has amassed a lot of popularity. The predecessor was also popular, and highly-rated for that matter.

So, the newest installment had some big shoes to fill. But interestingly enough, they not only filled them, but also made them bigger. The point is that, this game is impressive in many regards.

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