Is Evil Genius 2 World Domination Windows Only


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The Evil Genius franchise has been subject to some negative feedback over the years. The game has always been interesting, but what many had problems with was the game’s story being a bit bland. Now that Evil Genius 2 World Domination is finally here, is anything different? Well, for starters, there is much more special about the successor.

Is Evil Genius 2 World Domination Windows Only

The story seems much more interactive this time around, and far more focused around an end goal. That is, of course, world domination. But is this villainous title available for more platforms?

Can You Play Evil Genius 2 On More Platforms?

Well, quite frankly, Evil Genius 2 World Domination is only available on Windows. This is very unfortunate, because there are many who want to revisit some nostalgia after more than a decade of waiting.

On top of that, the generations now would benefit from experiencing a bit how games used to be back in the day.

Of course, the successor is far different from the old game, but there is still some of the flavor and the story captured beautifully. On consoles, it is impossible to play this game, but there might just be a way to play it on Linux and Mac.

Play Evil Genius 2 On Linux & Mac

As far as Linux and Mac are concerned, there are two ways to enjoy the game there. One is the lesser optimized method, which is using virtualization, but that usually has some overhead. The other method is using Wine.

The former is a method where you create a virtualized Windows machine either on Mac or Linux, and then play Evil Genius 2 through that.

The other method is with using Wine. Wine is a platform on the Mac and Linux, which allows players to enjoy programs and games which are compatible with Windows, but not with the aforementioned platforms.

Using Wine is much better, since there is no input lag, or unnecessary overhead. But the game must be available in the Wine store, and for that, it requires some time to pass, since translation from Windows to Linux or Mac has to be discovered.

Still, the possibility is there, and anyone can play Windows-only games on Mac or Linux, but not on platforms such as gaming consoles.

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is evil genius 2 available on a mac

Evil Genius 2 Mac Version: Is it Available